Netizens say that the dress IU wore at the Blue Dragon Awards looks like bra

IU wore a white dress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

1. The second picture is crazy….. I thought she was a goddess

2. Seriously, her face looks so young. I guess I’m the only one getting old

3. The dress is not good;;;; But IU is so innocent and pretty

4. The dress doesn’t suit her, it’s like the outfit takes away IU’s strong point

5. IU’s face looks so pretty, but the dress looks like bra.. ㅠ

6. She’s so pretty, she’s just an angel

7. IU’s face is amazing, she looks like a kid

8. I can’t see the dress because I’m looking at her face

9. This is my first time seeing IU’s coordination look weird

10. Wow, she’s so pretty… I can only see her face

11. Has IU’s coordi changed? Something weird

12. Why does this dress look like bra…?

13. The color of the dress doesn’t match her skin tone

14. IU is pretty but her dress is ugly

15. The dress isn’t pretty and the color doesn’t match her skin tone

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