Netizens suspect that HYBE’s contract renewal with BTS is not going smoothly

Was the contract renewal with BTS not going well?

Why did he say that?

Bang Si Hyuk “I got here thanks to BTS, I wouldn’t have been able to take even a single step without ARMYs”

[+477, -9]

1. [+281, -2] The way he speaks is so wise

2. [+230, -3] HYBE who pretends to get bigger without BTS. I’m not used to it because he suddenly said things like that

3. [+224, -3] He spoke as if they were a family. Who would treat their family like that?

4. [+224, -2] We have to say goodbye now, Si Hyuk-ah

5. [+213, -2] This is the first time ARMY is mentioned in the HYBE press conference

6. [+75, -0] Just fire Lee Jin Hyung

7. [+55, -1] I think the fans hate contract renewal ^^

8. [+48, -0] They said that they would reduce their dependence on BTS, but why is he suddenly like that.?.??

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girl what the fuck are these comments on seem like theyre projecting 🤣🤣🤣


The comments.. these ppl r projecting. Never listen to words coming out of BTS own mouth, with Seokjin saying “he’s going to sign the next contracts anw” and Namjoon praising Bang PD in the new Rolling Stones podcast… these k-mantis are a disease.


the projection lmaoooo


This post and the comments are so fucking stupid. Yeah he’s say that bc literally the group and fandom built it from the ground up. Weird ass mantis

WhatsThe Point

He’s literally praising BTS and giving credit to armys wtf are y’all on?


isn’t bang pd always talk about bts and armys like that ? It’s the other current CEOs of Hybe rn that annoys me sometimes .


I’m getting serious deja vu. Didn’t these kinds of articles happen the last time their contracts were up for renewal? I remember seeing ppl overanalyzing everything related to BTS, while saying it meant they were going to leave their label.


i don’t get them… they get mad when nobody is mentioning their efforts but they also get mad when they get mentioned…


Bang pd just praising them lol. These knetz🤣🤣

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These comments are not from Army, they are from envious people, haters, etc.


Damn the mantis never not funny whenever they’re projecting bcs they sound so ridiculous 😂


Korean akgaes and solo stans are a disease. They ade usually not happy until they dri e their own favs into the grown. It does t matter the company…they just like to complain complain


Bts will flop without hybe

BTS 4me

BangPD is a loser. Members are not treated equally. He is kissing ass to army so they wont stop supporting HYbe. I can’t stand looking at his humpy dumpy looking self.

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