Netizens suspect that Jinni went to THE BLACK LABEL

Do you think Jinni went to THE BLACK LABEL?

She was followed by Peter Chun: International Management, Marketing, and Promotion Director at THE BLACK LABEL

Jinni seems to be the only idol Peter Chun is following other than the BLACKPINK members

1. Hul, she will debut as a member of the girl group in THE BLACK LABEL? I think it’s good for her

2. I don’t think she will debut in a girl group, she will debut solo

3. I envy her, I also want to succeed in changing companies

4. She will be like Jeon Somi

5. Isn’t THE BLACK LABEL preparing to debut a girl group??

6. But if she’s going to be a celebrity again, I wonder why she left NMIXX

7. She should debut solo, if she debuts in a group, she’ll be criticized for being disloyal…

8. She has no loyalty

9. I can understand why she chose THE BLACK LABEL, it’s no exaggeration to say Teddy made BLACKPINK popular

10. Somi changed her agency before debut.. Jinni is different from Somi

11. Are there any female idols in THE BLACK LABEL?

12. I heard that THE BLACK LABEL is about to debut a new girl group

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She doesn’t have vocals to go solo. They already have Somi and her vocals are limited. Seems like Jinni was given a rapper position in nmixx bc she can’t sing.

Anyway, I hope she does debut in his group.

spicy spice

you forgot that teddy’s songs doesn’t requires any vocal ability. it’s always 20% vocal lines and the rest is just instrumental and fast talking.

but yes that she’s one of the weakest vocalist among nmixx members and i feel something off about her pronounciation esp with english lyrics thou.


She won’t. She is pregnant with younite steve. Kept visiting motels with him

broke noona

As much as I hate YG, I just think she only suits a big company. She actually has that YG vibe too

Fuck this shit

Dumb Koreans and their loyalty.


i don’t understand idols who are in a company forever and then debut just to leave the group/company to go somewhere else. i don’t see why they don’t do it right before they debut or something 🤔


Poor girl is gonna be surrounded by whores


She is the whole
She kept visiting hotel with younite steve


she = jennie

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?



6. But if she’s going to be a celebrity again, I wonder why she left NMIXX

1. She fed up with nmixx stupid songs.
2. She feels she’s on different level l w the other nmixx members, meaning she better than any of them & better off w/o their over developed crappy songs.
3. She has no chemistry whatsoever w the members, man… even now nmixx still not looking like a group

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No one cares about this hooker who went to hotel multiple times with nugu idol


obviously you care, you’ve written 3 comments here


She F up her own group. It’s a NO forever. Integrity matters esp when so many people literally sings better & look prettier than her


She gave up 7 years of her life to end up in a flop group whose music sounds worse than Stray Kids rejects. Screw your integrity. She deserves NORMAL concepts and NORMAL music.



Curiosity Kill the Cat

So is it true? The new GG will consists of Jinni, Kim Garam, Han Seohee, Soojin & Lee Naeun? Seems like OP group that suit YG (BLACKEDlabel)


If BP gets 2NE1’s rejects and Somi gets BP’s rejects… does that mean she’ll get Somi’s rejects? If so, then she shouldn’t have left her group 😭

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