Netizens talk about how popular NewJeans is overseas

NewJeans seems to be so popular overseas

They don’t have overseas activities yet, they only have activities in Korea. But Billboard + American school talent show, Attention danceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

If their song was performed like that in the school talent show… Aren’t they so popular?

NewJeans fighting!!

[+81, -34]

1. [+33, -7] Seriously amazing. Wasn’t the song that was danced during the talent show a very popular song in that generation?

2. [+24, -13] NewJeans’ style is popular among American high school students

3. [+17, -8] NewJeans is a legend

4. [+17, -6] NewJeans is amazing~

5. [+12, -4] NewJeans’ choreography is a bit difficult, so it’s so interesting

6. [+6, -13] They only do activities in Korea, but they are already doing well in the US

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not only newjeans but I hate when people said stuffs like this like about a group .

If a group does interviews with Teen Vogue, Cosmpolitan US , interviews with radios at the states like SiriusXM, the online or offline interviews like NME, that means that group already started their US promotions. Just because they haven’t perform at any shows on US does not mean their US activities haven’t started


you do realize that no one but fans watching such interviews, right? you can talk about the beginning of the promo in the us when they release English-language songs and go on television


They dance to many songs of kpop groups they are not special LMAOOOOO


Great media play SM should take note from them


they are famous among kpop fans but nobody knows them among the gp just like the other flop kpop groups




Exactly Kpop is bts. So if you are in bts company then kpop stans will know your name and your songs. But seriously the only group who are popular even among gp are bts only


I would not say that they are famous all around usa tbh…they seem to be pretty popular in kpop circles but outside of that…nah.
Plus their fanbase is not really big…

Lazy Banana

Yup, it’s true. Their songs are known among kpop circles and to some extent, pop but not them. They’re still far from being as known as BTS or even BP.


You say bts and bp but they are not only far from bts and bp. They are also far from being as known as stray kids and txt

Cry bitch

The mediaplay is showing again…


this post is cringe af.

every school in every bum city has that one group of weirdos who are into more niche hobbies like anime or kpop and openly show it 😭


IVE fans hating LOL


The obsession you have with ive fans should be studied


kpop is a niche thing, this doesn’t mean that they are popular among americans lmfaoo these girls are just kpopers having fun doing their favorite kpop groups choreos!! is nothing to be impressed about

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