Netizens talk about YG’s rookie group BABYMONSTER’s dancing skills

YG’s rookie group BABYMONSTER – DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO (Jenny from the Block)

1. They sing well and dance very well too. I’m looking forward to BABYMONSTER

2. I wish they could debut with this concept

3. They all have long arms and legs so they look cool

4. They have no dance holes, everyone dances well

5. Chiquita’s dance is so good

6. They’re rookie kids, but they’re really good at everything

7. Ah, I liked it so much I kept watching it… Why are they so good?

8. They’re all hip and pretty, and their skills are good, so they’ll be the top

9. I wish they debuted with this style

10. Is Jenny from the Block the name of the song?

11. They all have long limbs and dance well

12. Hul.. They dance really well

13. They’re doing great, Ahyeon stands out

14. They are all tall!!!! They are so cool

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i hope they don’t do with them what they did with bp dancewise

Seungri Oppa ❤️

Their skills just meh. Seungri should teach them how to dance

LGBTS Gaymin Ratjoon Horseok AnusD Flopjin Femcock Jennhyung

they are crazy. Stiffsoo even cant dance like non debuted rookies

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