Netizens think BLACKPINK Lisa’s body proportions are legendary after seeing her at Celine Pop-up store

BLACKPINK Lisa at Celine Pop-up store in real time

1. I really like her makeup and outfit

2. She looks like a doll

3. She’s so pretty, isn’t she just a doll?

4 .Her makeup, hairstyle and outfit are perfect, she’s so pretty

5. Wow look at her proportions, she’s just a doll

6. Lisa is a hot girl

7. Her proportions are crazy

8. Is she a mannequin?

9. Lisa looks taller than 170

10. She’s so pretty, is she from the same race as us? She looks like a doll

11. She’s so cute and pretty today ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. Look at Lisa’s proportions

13. Her proportions are legendary

14. Lisa seems to be getting prettier and prettier

15. Lisa’s proportions are amazing every time I see her

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Barbie doll lala edition 😍🐥

crack corn

that is gross abuse of the word legendary, gee wonder which fandom would use that adjective


Stay mad bruh i can smell your jealous ass self from a miles away instead of obsessing over her why don’t you just focus on your flop self so you can be successful as her you really can’t relate huh? 🤭

crack corn

there’s no jealously silly, it’s just these exaggeration are too much lol

there are people that have legendary proportions but they’re actually recognized by everyone not some fandom’s dribbling post


Now say it without crying

crack corn

I’ve typed everything without shedding a drop lol

the girl is the opposite of curvy, so wheres the legendary proportions? lol come on bro, you have to tell me.
you know something if you just have a silhouette of her without the head I’d bet you won’t be able to identify who that “legendary proportion” belongs to lol

I’ve enjoyed the laugh at your expense and as a fellow kpoper i’ll send you off with a gift here are 3 examples of legendary bodies; Karina, Yuna, and Seolhyun


Then use your precious time to support them so they can be recognized by many people instead of wasting your time camping/obsessing over someone who doesn’t even have any control about netizen opinions about her and this article obviously highlighting some positive comments of the locals and if they think she had an amazing body or legendary proportion let them think that way, we have different opinions when it comes to this type of thing I don’t get why y’all getting pressed and make a big deal out of it tbh. Does seeing her getting a lot of praise discrediting your faves or other idols? No right? as a fellow kpoper it’s so obvious that you just hate her for no reasons. You hate her cuz she is LISA and y’all sick for that 😃

crack corn

but kettle, i enjoy spending time calling out nonsense and especially if it’s from your fandom 😉

kettle, you’re wrong again. i do like lisa, i find her pretty and adorable.
it’s just that she ain’t go no legendary proportions though lol


You really did have a great time spending in here I can tell 😆 that you almost forgot your own fave lol please do enjoy your stay

‘Her proportions are legendary’ it’s from the perspective of the netz and the circumstances are beyond our control. Lisa will forever be LEGENDARY and it’s unstoppable you just enjoy the ride babe and better luck next time 😜


She changes every year


Like ur mom’s partners

Color color stan

Eyyyyyyyy don’t talk about seoul cycle like that

Ladyboy lisa

Why they hyping up this man 🤣🤣


Why it took long for your parents to realize that you’re such a big disappointment? Imagine raising a child just to turn out to have the mental ability of a soapdish. Get well soonest 🥺

Ladyboy lisa



I love her makeup

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