Netizens think BLACKPINK Lisa’s body proportions are legendary after seeing her at Celine Pop-up store

BLACKPINK Lisa at Celine Pop-up store in real time

1. I really like her makeup and outfit

2. She looks like a doll

3. She’s so pretty, isn’t she just a doll?

4 .Her makeup, hairstyle and outfit are perfect, she’s so pretty

5. Wow look at her proportions, she’s just a doll

6. Lisa is a hot girl

7. Her proportions are crazy

8. Is she a mannequin?

9. Lisa looks taller than 170

10. She’s so pretty, is she from the same race as us? She looks like a doll

11. She’s so cute and pretty today ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. Look at Lisa’s proportions

13. Her proportions are legendary

14. Lisa seems to be getting prettier and prettier

15. Lisa’s proportions are amazing every time I see her

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