Netizens wonder if Irene is prettier than Jang Wonyoung

Am I the only one who thinks Irene is prettier?

Am I the only one?

[+27, -39]

1. [+67, -8] She’s always been prettier than Jang Wonyoung…

2. [+33, -3] Of course, even though Irene is 10 years older than Wonyoung, Irene is still much prettier

3. [+31, -2] She’s just f*cking pretty

4. [+7, -1] Irene’s visuals are amazing

5. [+7, -0] Both are pretty, but why are you comparing them?

6. [+5, -1] Honestly, there aren’t any idols who can beat Irene with their faces

7. [+3, -0] No one in the entertainment industry can compare their faces to Irene’s face

8. [+3, -0] Irene is so pretty, but she keeps being compared to 4th generation female idols

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these people are so jobless


these people = irene stans who have nothing left after their fav ruined her own career


beauty is subjective but i find wonyoung more charming because:

1. she’s naturally pretty unlike the other one (google the other one’s pre-debut pictures)
2. she isn’t a 31-year-old bully who had to beg her company to bribe and silence a victim


nAtuRaL whaaat???


one deranged hagrene stan mass downvoting this post


irene is still dunzo lol not even sm can help her anymore


Irene is pretty no doubt… but i never think jang wonyoung is that visual..her face is just boring and cringe..


red velvet stans hanging on to that “visual” title and attacking an 18 year old girl because they’re bitter and can’t come for her singing, dancing or her personality lol

your fav’s a plastic dozen and a bully

Maple Puddin

I’ve seen better than both


crazy that irene got away with abuse while so many others get cancelled. that’s my cockroach queen!!! verbally abuse me at my job mommy 🥵


wonyoung for me because she didn’t yell at her FEMALE staff for 20 minutes unlike irene

why do you think she and sm immediately apologized if there’s no truth to what she did? lol


she got off way too easy. i’m glad that poor female staff member got paid but it would’ve been extra funny if she still released the recordings. she had sm shaking with fear 🤭


one thing you’ll never see in life is a post praising irene for anything but her looks 💀


Someone in this comment saying wonyong is naturally pretty lmfao she looks like the most plastic out of all gen 4 idols


wonyoung is so much prettier what… irene is definitely worthy of being a visual member but wonyoung just shines and is so good with her stage presence while irene gives nothing on stage so wonyoung is so much more charming and captivating..


Are we comapring THE IRENE with shitty wonyoung? Nah Hell Nah. Is this also a kakao hype post?

yocoochi smells

Wony is superior in every aspect

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