Netizens wonder if MAMA hates IU

Does MAMA hate IU?

IU didn’t get Daesang at MAMA in years even with her career

1. Because overseas achievements are included

2. I guess MAMA hates IU

3. It’s funny when people are talking about overseas achievementsㅋㅋㅋ IU also does well overseas. Her musical achievements in Korea are top

4. Are you talking about overseas achievements?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSeriously, why do you underestimate IU? Everyone knows how well IU did in Korea and abroad

5. I feel sorry for IU

6. Is it because IU doesn’t have a good relationship with Mnet?

7. If you look at the singers who swept Daesang in the past few years, they did better… It’s true that IU wasn’t treated well, but looking at the list of MAMA Daesang winners that were posted before, I can understand just looking at it

8. IU is doing well overseas too, it’s just that MAMA hates IU

9. Anyway, IU is a legend

10. IU doesn’t need MAMA

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Mama definitely takes overseas achievements more into account and tbh IU isn’t even close to doing good numbers like the top groups overseas but for a solo yes… but even as a soloist bp and bts members solo’s are breaking all her solo records


maybe nowadays is too impossible to win without the huge overseas numbers
but back in the days she had numbers enough to beat some artists without this overseas appeal
i mean they give Cho Yong Pil one daesang

but who knows i dont think she is caring enough anymore, she didnt even appear there since 2014
still i think maybe in the future she can get one if she release a new Friday or something
like the other nominees are too strong overseas but with not on Korea
then she get the Korea points and her chinese fans help a bit with her physicals outside (that’s why she won against Lisa and Rose)

ofc for this happen need to be next year or 2024 before BTS comes back


Afaik she won against Rosé because of her digitals. She’s a digital monster.


I don’t think it’s all about overseas achievements but from popularity. Aside froms sales, BP surpassed BTS this year


BTS surpassed them too in streams tho. BTS is the 5th most streamed artist this year on Spotify globally and 1st among groups. So ig not just sales, huh?

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The midpink dogs specialized in self deception, got proven right every single day


Brr, brr ddaeng!


lmao what can knets do when her international achievements is not on par with the winner? she does won melon and other daesang so


iu… the woman signed to kakao m, the woman whose music always reaches #1 on kakao owned melon, the woman who ends up winning every award at the kakao owned mmas

Lazy Banana

A Korean made a video about how IU songs are sooo similar to old songs. But ofc news of this is suppressed because Kakao has got to protect their #1 singer.


lol kakao won’t even take down that video even though they could put copyright strikes on it. what protection?

Lazy Banana

They can’t. It’s covered by fair usage because there’s commentary.


And IU is also the most streamed artist on youtube korea as well as all other korean platforms – you sound desperately insecure about your own favs achievements.

Lazy Banana

MAMA places importance on international achievements and the focus is less on digitals but on physical sales so ofc IU will lose against Kpop groups who sell millions ahead of her.


She didn’t do well overseas, just accept it


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