NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ enters 20th place on Melon TOP 100 chart

NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ enters 20th place on Melon TOP 100 chart

1. But why did they release the song at 1pm on Friday? This is a disadvantage

2. Looks like they’re aiming for Billboard

3. I love the song so much, so I keep listening to it

4. Have they officially made a comeback yet? Is this a pre-release song?

5. They will get 1st place tomorrow

6. Since it’s NewJeans the ranking will go up, but I don’t like this song very much, I’m looking forward to another title song

7. Except for BTS and BLACKPINK, it’s hard to do well if you release the song at 1pm on Friday

8. Is this the title song? It has less impact than Attention and Ditto

9. The song is so good

10. Anyway, the ranking will go up

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Jin's Protection Squad

Since NewJeans has sounds like Jin, let’s support them!


the songs are basic… but they are pretty so for koreans is ok 👍🏼


This song would get no attention from any other group

Support trans Lisa

Flopping. Hybe didn’t do enough payola.

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