Pictures of Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend and her daughters

His girlfriend has two daughters, the daughters are so cute

It’s not a niece but a daughter

1. 2 daughters? I was surprised

2. It doesn’t matter, I just want to support Song Joong Ki

3. Be happy

4. Two or three daughters doesn’t matter, let them love each other beautifully

5. The two of them are the same age, and looking at how Song Joong Ki mentioned her when receiving the award, it seems like they love each other so much

6. Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend has two foreign daughters?

7. Like Song Joong Ki, I want to live without caring about other people’s eyes

8. I thought Song Joong Ki had a strict and conservative style, but I was really surprised

9. It’s strange that Song Joong Ki is dating a foreigner who has a daughter

10. How did you find this?

11. Stop worrying about other people’s lives

12. I thought I read the title wrong, so I doubted my eyes

13. So what? Song Joong Ki is a man who is divorced…

14. Isn’t there just one baby in those pictures? I can’t tell the difference

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Now this too much disgusting creeps….


They are not you honey😂


Most of these comments didn’t pass the vibe check


SJK’s motto after his divorce is idgaf 😂 It’s refreshing to see a korean celeb openly dating a foreigner, he’s doing so un-korean things.


he’s still a pos. the way he and his family handled his divorce and turned it into a witch hunt against song hyekyo was disgusting


Yeah. My view on him has completely changed since then. He was very likeable in my eyes, now not much. He wasn’t gracious in divorce. He was out to portray himself as the victim. Future potential spouses should take note.
I separate the divorce and these dating news nevertheless, it’s really refreshing to see a korean celeb not following korean ways

Accurate Translations

The knetz comments are way less +ve. Who’s the writer? Juxtaposing koreaboo fantasies onto the translation.

Here’s a few translations:
“Huh, the woman already has two kids, and there was an article saying that they all had different fathers and that she was engaged to another man related to the automobile manufacturing industry.”

“So cool that he admits to dating a single mother with a different father and daughter. Going to get married is going to be great!! But can a woman survive… It sounds like a free spirit. ㅅㅎㄱ”

“Why did such a woman…”

“Korean guys marry white girls? The woman is most likely a criminal or a single daughter with a child.”

“When I read an article about Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend being a British actor and having a daughter, my thoughts completely changed. Joong-ki seems like a man who should just live without getting married. He’s not like a golddigger fisher, but he doesn’t seem to be looking for stability. If you pursue stability, you will have to moderate your taste, but you just have everything, women, love, and it seems like you are going to the extreme you want, but if these tastes and desires are originally like this, you may not be able to help it. Did you see Joong Ki too innocently and innocently? It’s funny even writing it. what the.”


Thank you i knew something was off with the translation in the post, it just seemed like a lazy write up

Accurate Translations

Np. It’s a bit weird cause all the eng sites have turbo charged the koreaboo in them and translated it in a very selective kboo fantasy way. It’s almost like Russia’s level of propaganda whitewashing.


Well you are on PannKpop, they’re mostly only translating comments like “She’s so pretty” “He’s so handsome” “They are so cool” “They are so cute” 😂😂😂😂



it’s not like he’s a 20 year old virgin lol


The guy’s almost 40 years old and was married for 20 months. Why are they acting like he’s a little kid with no life experience 😭😭

I know the answer but it’s still ridiculous how they can’t stop themselves from being misogynistic.

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Hi, Im Guest

The last time I found SJK interesting was when he was casted in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. That’s the 1st time I saw him.
Wait. I think the 1st time I saw him was in Frozen Flower, I just didn’t recognised him back then

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girl, run. this dude is a massive red flag


His father shaded Song Hye Kyo so bad when they got engaged and said that he didn’t like that SHK was older than his son. He and his son made SHK look like a witch. Seems like Song Joong Ki’s dad is very traditional so I bet he’s gonna be even shadier to his son’s foreign, older and single mother of two girlfriend lol.

Run girl.

More pann Translations

More pann translations:

Do you know what that means? Only the two of them knew what happened, but joongki divorced Song Hye-kyo, who is so pretty, and meet that divorced woman with two daughters. Song Joong-ki said how much he suffered from hair loss

I thought Song Hye-kyo was the worst in Song Joong-ki’s life, but a worse woman has arrived.

Joongki got burned by Song Hye-kyo and he’s going to have a good time (aka party casual fling/ one night stand lifestyle)—- What happened to my hair because I was hurt so much by a woman?

Introduced by an acquaintance? Is that fellow sane?

Joongki has no experience getting bitten by foreign golddiggers

Song Joong-ki is a waste, just date casually. Marriage is unreasonable anyway. That woman is also a free dating type, so it’s like giving birth to a child and living off child support or alimony.

How would parents feel if their son, who studied well, listened well, and even succeeded, brought every girl with a low level?

No, there was a tipoff by someone who knows the foreign situation on Instagram saying that the gf has three kids, but they all have different dads, and the gf was a live in gf together for six years.

The highest (sarcastic) class Western woman that the top 0.01 percent of Korean men can meet = A woman in her 40s who is a single mother with two children.

Many comments about how the gf was an adulterer or a cheater in one of the 3 relationships, but won’t translate until knetz can figure out properly.

binance Konto

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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