Pictures of Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend and her daughters

His girlfriend has two daughters, the daughters are so cute

It’s not a niece but a daughter

1. 2 daughters? I was surprised

2. It doesn’t matter, I just want to support Song Joong Ki

3. Be happy

4. Two or three daughters doesn’t matter, let them love each other beautifully

5. The two of them are the same age, and looking at how Song Joong Ki mentioned her when receiving the award, it seems like they love each other so much

6. Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend has two foreign daughters?

7. Like Song Joong Ki, I want to live without caring about other people’s eyes

8. I thought Song Joong Ki had a strict and conservative style, but I was really surprised

9. It’s strange that Song Joong Ki is dating a foreigner who has a daughter

10. How did you find this?

11. Stop worrying about other people’s lives

12. I thought I read the title wrong, so I doubted my eyes

13. So what? Song Joong Ki is a man who is divorced…

14. Isn’t there just one baby in those pictures? I can’t tell the difference

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