Seungri mentioned G-Dragon at the event in Cambodia today

He promised to bring GD here one day;;

There are still a lot of people who like him and go to see him…

1. What is he doing in Cambodia? He’s not a celebrity, right? Does he still act like a celebrity?

2. Why do they call him Golden Maknae? I really don’t know

3. But will GD keep in touch with this guy?

4. This guy is the worst, there is no one worse than him

5. GD must feel dirty

6. He’s shameless

7. Crazy, don’t they know about Burning Sun?

8. I don’t know, but I thought the relationship between GD and Seungri was over… right?

9. Is he close with GD?

10. He really has no conscience

11. Please leave GD alone ㅠ

12. Leave GD alone, you bastard

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