SHINee Key speaks out about SM’s current situation during the live broadcast

Key: I don’t know, the company is going through a lot right now…

During the live broadcast, fans asked him if he was planning to have an encore solo concert, to which he gave an honest response

“I don’t know who to talk to for the encore concert. Who do I need to talk to? I want to do the encore concert so bad… The company is going through a lot right now”

MV for Key’s new song

1. Whether it’s the staff or the artists, they must have had a lot of pride, I feel bad for them

2. Seriously…… As a fan of SM singers for a long time, I was depressed for a few days, but what can the singers and staff do?

3. The song is good! Anyway, I hope SHINee members and my idols do well

4. As a fan, I feel bad too, I hope Key can do everything he wants

5. I understand why he sighed ㅠㅠ I don’t know if my idols can come back this year because I think all the plans have been messed up

6. The singers in the company must feel betrayed

7. Taemin will be discharged from the army soon, and it’s SHINee’s 15th anniversary, seriously… I’m so sad and angry

8. Kibum, I will watch the MV and listen to the song

9. ? Can’t an artist say something like that? Are you telling him to pretend like nothing happened? Of course he was confused and worried

10. I guess Key won’t renew his contract this time

11. I’m worried about my idols, but I’m more worried about the trainees who will debut this year

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