SHINee Onew caused controversy because of his bare face on the way to ‘Music Bank’ today

SHINee Onew ‘Natural without makeup’

SHINee’s Onew on his way to ‘Music Bank’ on the morning of the 17th

1. Looking at the comments, I can understand why celebrities risk their lives to get plastic surgery

2. I feel like he’s lost too much weight lately

3. No, he looks like a different person

4. Seriously, why did he do this?

5. I hope they can go through their daily lives a little more comfortably like foreign celebrities

6. Is this Onew I know?? Why did he turn out like this?

7. He’s only 33 years old, but he looks like he’s in his 40s

8. I was surprised when I saw the pictures, but when I watched the video, he looked fine

9. 35 years old..? He looks so old…

10. It’s much better than most people’s bare faces, so why are you guys like this…? Just look at your face in the mirror…

11. I wouldn’t have known who he was if you hadn’t told me

12. Did he go to work after drinking the night before?

13. Looking at the comments, I can understand why celebrities get panic disorder

14. I guess he just lost too much weight

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Ladyboy lisa

Still looking better than lisa 😜


Welp someone’s obssessed

spicy spice

he need dr kim’s re-touch.


You need to go back in your mother’s womb and come back less useless.


8. I was surprised when I saw the pictures, but when I watched the video, he looked fine

let’s not lie. Either in picture or video, he looked way so different from what i remember.

6. Is this Onew I know?? Why did he turn out like this?
exactly my reaction.


Yall are just pos. You ain’t have a clue what he looks like and work on yourself coz that’s ugly. How to hurt a man who’ve been working like he did, just to be mocked and judged by superficial bullies.


Lmao do you even know me in first place? How easy for you to say something that make it sounds like idk who Lee Jinki is. I was following SHINee quite close during their RDD – Hello era. Even went to an event on purpose where SHINee was performing. You also judging me, even before knowing me. By your logic then you are the ugly one here? And can’t i be surprised to see someone that I haven’t seen for years? Did i say he looks ugly? He just seems aging which got me surprised and aging is a normal thing


He was never handsome why are you surprised?


Lmao what a lie. Though I wasn’t that big fan of him back then, but yes he looked fine and good. I was just surprised to see his recent pictures because he seems aging so much. Not on a bad way because aging is normal thing.


He looks like jimin


He looks like ur cockwhore mom


b!tch where? 😂


Both are objectively unattractive.

dot com bubble

What makes a bit funny was that Onew was always mentioned whenever people ask which idol doesn’t age.


What makes it funny is he’s been showing up at airport and other places without makeup and yall are showing up everyday like trash because after closing concerts, with what it takes of rehearsing, practice, promotion, between appearances in shows, photoshoots, traveling back and forth, he’s going into another one day of work looking like any other human being can with an hectic schedule. You should look at yourselves in the mirror and laugh at how pathetic losers yall are, no life who can’t treat a human being as such because yall have been brainwashed by standards of society. You probably never look at people’s face, not even your parents, you have so much crap in the eyes from the moment you wake up you can’t see your own face in the morning. So funny.


Ewww he’s so ugly
And grapist

Shine on Onew Face

One can often see Onew barefaced on his way to Music Bank, showing off his natural beauty. He looks so relaxed and carefree without all the makeup, it’s always a good sight to see!


Jhope is uglier even with makeup on.




Actually true.
Both are ugly, but Onew just looks like normal guy ugly.

Jimin is a special hyper-feminized version of ugly. The kind of look where women online claim it looks amazing and are like “YAAAAASSSS QUEEN!” but in real life if a guy looked like that the girls would never, ever think he was attractive.


Did he sent his father to the show on his behalf or what?


Its time to stop being an Idol, grandpa


It isn’t controversy. It shows knetz and some people mindset in general. The same who are either criticizing idols for being too fat, yoo skinny, wearing makeup, doing plastic surgery, being simply HUMAN. Bullies so pathetic they don’t realize what they truly are. Is that how they were raised, did they grow up and gain such a disgusting mentality that they forgot how to behave, how to be human. When they say Koreans are all about manners, I’d ask WHERE, this here is only the result of a poor education, it shows a normalization of a society based on appearance and superficial standards. I’m thankful to Onew to show himself as he is, a human being who work so hard, who performed on stage and keep going every day trying to become better and better as an artist but as a person too. A reminder to all these horrible commentators to look at their face in the morning, to look at their parents, their friends, after days of work, thank you Lee Jinki from SHINee for showing everyone what a human being looks like. You’re beautiful, you shine just right and those who can’t see that light should work on their hearts because there’s a place where light don’t shine and it’s in themselves.


He looks so good😍


Hes too ugly

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