SHINee Onew caused controversy because of his bare face on the way to ‘Music Bank’ today

SHINee Onew ‘Natural without makeup’

SHINee’s Onew on his way to ‘Music Bank’ on the morning of the 17th

1. Looking at the comments, I can understand why celebrities risk their lives to get plastic surgery

2. I feel like he’s lost too much weight lately

3. No, he looks like a different person

4. Seriously, why did he do this?

5. I hope they can go through their daily lives a little more comfortably like foreign celebrities

6. Is this Onew I know?? Why did he turn out like this?

7. He’s only 33 years old, but he looks like he’s in his 40s

8. I was surprised when I saw the pictures, but when I watched the video, he looked fine

9. 35 years old..? He looks so old…

10. It’s much better than most people’s bare faces, so why are you guys like this…? Just look at your face in the mirror…

11. I wouldn’t have known who he was if you hadn’t told me

12. Did he go to work after drinking the night before?

13. Looking at the comments, I can understand why celebrities get panic disorder

14. I guess he just lost too much weight

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