Singer who never received Daesang at Seoul Music Awards


1. If IU is under SM = receive Daesang for 10 years in a row

2. She doesn’t need Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards, she already has a great career

3. Seoul Music Awards = SM Music Awards

4. Because she’s not from SM

5. She doesn’t need it, so leave IU alone

6. I bet IU doesn’t care about it

7. It’s surprising that there’s no Big Bang and IU..

8. But NCT Dream, Taeyeon, and NCT 127 got Daesang at Seoul Music Awards

9. Of course, because her agency is not SM

10. An award ceremony without authority is just dirty

11. IU is doing better than anyone else even if she doesn’t get that award

12. Mentioning IU at an award ceremony without authority (?)

13. She can’t get it because she’s not from SM

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Melon’s daughter is IU anyway. As if Melon is that credible lol


conveniently forgetting iu’s daesangs at golden disk or how she’s the most streamed artist on youtube korea lol

but I hope you treasure those SMA awards <3

White cat

While she still charting on other non melon streaming and even YouTube korea. Lol. So u want to say YouTube and other streaming also not credible?? Your an sm stan huh??

Last edited 7 days ago by White cat

IU also never won daesang at MAMA because it’s owned by kakao’s rival


and yet she’s 10 times more successful and loved than any sm artist will ever be lol


It’s hard to take an award show seriously, when fans can buy votes.

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