SM employees choose between SM current directors + Kakao and HYBE + Lee Soo Man

SM employees vote “85% of employees oppose Bang Si Hyuk’s acquisition”

1. Objectively, HYBE is much better than Kakao

2. Isn’t Kakao better than Lee Soo Man and HYBE in the current situation? If I were an employee, I would stand by Kakao

3. The employees say Kakao is better, but why are you guys trying to deny it? This is ridiculousㅋㅋㅋ

4. SM employees considered HYBE their biggest rival, and with BTS going to the army, they must have thought it was only a matter of time before regaining market share

5. They’re in the same industry so they know what kind of company HYBE is so they objected

6. HYBE will treat employees better… HYBE is better than Kakao

7. Even if I’m an employee, I think Kakao is better than HYBE + Lee Soo Man

8. I understand the thoughts of the employees, they used to think HYBE was the biggest rival

9. They oppose HYBE because of their pride?

10. I’m curious about the thoughts of the celebrities in SM

11. It’s a pity that the employees are more proud of the company than Lee Soo Man

12. It seems that the employees who work under the founder have more pride than the founder.. This is sad

13. Employees voice their opinions, what’s wrong with this? It’s even funnier when people say they’ll be fired for it

14. Well, but isn’t HYBE better than Kakao?

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They don’t give a fuck bout the company and what happens after they just care about their pride so i do not see why the company should care about what the employees say lol. Like what will they do? Quit their job?


Who cares. Hybe should let SM drown because it’s what they deserve but before that have NCT and EXO disband.


Exactly. Honestly, its so lucky for groups that have no success other than flop and sales anymore. But im sure ex-o and flopcity aren’t happy to this situation 😏


There are 600 employees in SM

Ki ki

Kakao investment are Chinese money and Chinese investors could interrupt their stuff also korea usa and china political stuff also going on so it’s a bad choice in long term. Hybe will humble their pride so. It’s bad for SM employee. 2023 is amazing


oh my god i love your comment, 2023 is amazing indeed hahah.
tbh i can’t wait to see who will win this acquisition since cjenm decided to join the drama as well.

White cat

Kakao is a large tech company with tons of money while hybe have been their rival and SM have this ridiculous pride even regarding year end performance. Having hybe as their new bossed will bruiser their ego. 🤣


And then you wonder why the idols have their heads so far up their own asses. the culture at SM is prideful and arrogant. After all these years they still cant accept that BTS/HYBE are their superiors now.


4. SM employees considered HYBE their biggest rival, and with BTS going to the army, they must have thought it was only a matter of time before regaining market share

Netizens speak truth for the first time. I’m sure SM thought they’d grow as a company after BTS enlisting in the army. SM staff must have been pissed off about BTS’ solo success 🤡


i get the sm pride of not want to join your rival but isn’t it pathetic to fall to the hands of bigger corporation to fight your rival? lol

It is what it is

I think this is more about pride. In the music industry, Hybe is a bigger competitor than Kakao. Just like fans, the staff must also have negative thoughts on Hybe hence why they reject them

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