Song Joong Ki is currently dating a British woman

[Exclusive] Song Joong Ki is currently dating a British woman

Song Joong Ki introduced his girlfriend to the staff members at the media conference held on the 7th in Singapore

Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend is a non-celebrity and the two met through a mutual friend last year

1. Be happy

2. When I watch the video, they look good together, but they’re actually dating

3. Well, if you’re single with that face, you won’t be happy anymore

4. She is not Korean but British? Be happy

5. I support Song Joong Ki’s love because of his acting

6. If she’s not a celebrity, shouldn’t her face be covered?

7. Is Song Joong Ki good at English?

8. I think she’s an English teacher

9. I think I heard that she is an English teacher

10. Anyway, I hope he has a good relationshipㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. A British woman??? I wonder how they met

12. She looks Asian, but her nationality is British?

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That’s great! Good for them


I guess the selection in koreas so shitty that he had to move to greener pastures to fine a partner.

Congratulations and Good luck to the both of you

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But when it comes to Song Hye Kyo these pann girls are so fucking nasty. The double standard is so annoying af.


I like these things, because in Korean dramas they always make a point of making people believe that Korean men only like Korean women and that if they date a foreigner, usually a westerner, it’s just an affair.

Pann translations

Pann tea

-Gender wars
– “Will they live in Korea when they get married? In England, actresses are the lowest working class, but in Korea, it is possible to live in the upper class as a top star.”
– other comments basically judging that gf is too low class to match
– sjk now looks like he likes jobless types. “Seeing that he keeps taking his girlfriend with him, Song Joong-ki seems to like it when women don’t work and only look at him and help him out.”
– But that woman isn’t even a top actress, and her last work was in 2002 haha ​​She’s not even called an actress, so why is Song Hye-kyo looking bad? haha ​​What’s wrong with Song Hye-kyo?
– other comments cause the gf isn’t at the same lvl.
– White horse
– “Song Joong-ki seems to be a bit unconcerned about marriage” (top comment basically knetz assume it is a fling that won’t lead to anything)
– overall, -ve
– “However, this scandal seems to be rather negative for Song Joong-ki… It seems like Song Joong-ki is being pushed back by his acting skills because … but it seems to be a blemish on his acting life…”
– -ve reaction for showing off/ not keeping private boundaries
– Arab tofu??? Tofu Arabino???
– consensus that reporters waited for the drama to be over

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