Song Joong Ki -> Lee Seung Gi, real men choose love over popularity, Lee Jong Suk who is getting married?

Song Joong Ki → Lee Seung Gi, real men choose love over popularity… Lee Jong Suk who is getting married?

1. Why are Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk mentioned here?

2. If they care more about fame and money, they can postpone their marriage until they are 40

3. Leave Song Joong Ki alone

4. I feel sorry for Song Joong Ki

5. Why is Lee Jong Suk suddenly mentioned here?

6. Since when did Korean male actors lose popularity when they got married?

7. Why are Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk here?

8. Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk must be in a bad mood

9. Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk have nothing to do with economic crimes

10. Leave Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk alone

11. (((Lee Jong Suk))) (((IU)))

12. Why do you tie Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk with a scammer’s son-in-law?

13. Suddenly, Lee Jong Suk?

14. Don’t mention Song Joong Ki, you ba$tards

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Lee Jong Suk >> Lee Seung Gi >>>>>> wall of China >>>>> Song Jong Ki

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Each case is totally different, so I don’t know why they put the names of these 3 actors together and by the way, Lee Jong Suk didn’t even say anything about getting married, he is just dating IU. Let people live.

White cat

Lee jongsuk literally dating iu. Who have more popularity and wealth than him in korea. What the correlation here??


there is noting wrong with lee jong suk and IU.

about lee seung gi , he had a bad choice, he had clear name and himself victim of fraud but choose someone without good career who had a family with criminal history.
her step father is swindler and her biologic Father Im Young Gyu was arrested for violent acts in a bar and to Served six months in prison with a probation of two years at 2015
.and her mother is suspected stock manipulation like her husband . that could be true because she earn a lot of money but denied any wrongdoing, saying she was simply an investor
Now lee seung gi would be son in law of a criminal family .bad for his poor family and future children.


they said they will have private ceremony but I read there will be1400 guests. is this girl worth that he destroy his clean image and change his religion. he is foolish enough that his company fooled him 18 years.

meow meow

idk what this is abt but yassss song joongki hate ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


obv they are using sjk & lsg as negative examples & trying to drag lee jongsuk.

didn’t they do this a while ago? mixing in davichi’s scandal member & park soojin who caused a baby to die & got blue house petitioned with other members like taeyeon/ suzy & sneaked their bias new jeans to force a jealous narrative? Get hated (davichi/ park soojin) “because” they are visuals (taeyeon/ suzy)…

now they’re doing the same to ljs. Don’t even like ljs, but it’s obvious they’re trying to push a -ve image for ljs by associating with two hated couples (sjk/ lsg) who’re trending by the sheer no. of downvotes.

cancelled sjk/lsg

No. 1 downvoted:

  1. lee seunggi
  2. lsg

6. sjk
8. sjk

these 2 are basically cancelled or on the d-list elevator down.


Netizen should cancel peak time

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