THE BLACK LABEL responds to rumors regarding their exclusive contract with Jinni

Peter Chun, an employee of THE BLACK LABEL, has been following Jinni’s Instagram account. In this regard, THE BLACK LABEL was cautious when saying, “We will notify you guys after confirming the truth”

1. It seems to be true, because they don’t deny it…

2. They don’t deny it…?

3. It’s right


5. No, THE BLACK LABEL is a haven for JYP idols..?

6. So why did she leave NMIXX?

7. THE BLACK LABEL is a good agency?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. They didn’t deny it, so she went to THE BLACK LABEL

9. I hope she debuts as a solo artist

10. Daebak, I hope she gets better

11. So it’s true

12. Why did she leave JYP and go to THE BLACK LABEL? I don’t understand

13. I think Jinni suits THE BLACK LABEL

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YG subsidiary The Black Label

Because it’s one of YG subsidiary and YG is known as a good pharmacist that help the youth. Also, Seungri is back so people will exalted him more than ever. As expected of YG, such a good company with health benefits.


TBL isnt a yg subsidiary dumass, they have been a YG associate since 2019 meaning they have independent control of their company

Bring back discuss

Its 100% owned by yg what are you talking about.
Its a subsidiary


100%? you sure? 🤨


If she goes on a new label then it’s true that she has been kicked out from jyp.
She looks uninterested since debut anyway, good for her tho


She wouldn’t get a contract with a new label if she was unprofessional.
It’s more likely that she didn’t like music direction of Nimix or maybe even didn’t have good relationships with members


I don’t think she was kicked out because at the speed at which it happened. It feels more like her contract was suddenly bought out. Usually when artists get kicked out or something it takes a bit of time before they find a new agency. This is happening too fast.

spicy spice

but we will got an annoucement abt her joins the black label soon lmao.

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