The groups remained the original members at their debut even after the first contract renewal season

Shinhwa 1998

SHINee 2008

2AM 2008

BTS 2013

GOT7 2014

Mamamoo 2014

Seventeen 2015

TWICE 2015

1. Seventeen has a lot of members, so they’re amazing

2. As for SHINee, none of the members have changed their agencies yet, and what’s more surprising is that they don’t even know how many times their contracts have been renewed

3. When will BLACKPINK renew the contract?

4. Wow, 2AM hasn’t disbanded yet, the team still exists… I thought they’d disbanded

5. I want to see BTS for a long time

6. I thought it was weird not having BLACKPINK, but looks like BLACKPINK hasn’t renewed their contract yet

7. SF9 members all renewed their contracts

8. SF9 and Brown Eyed Girls too

9. Brown Eyed Girl and Davichi

10. BLACKPINK hasn’t renewed their contract yet?

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Let’s run for a long time with BTS. They have dreams and we will wait them whenever they want 🥺💜


U2 Oppars 💖

Lol they are the longest running group in the world with all their original members, I’m a fan of their music

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