The lineup of idols is expected to make comebacks in July

EXO confirmed July 10

Zerobaseone confirmed to debut on July 10

NCT DREAM confirmed

Teen Top confirmed

TXT confirmed

MONSTA X Shownu x Hyungwon confirmed


Jungkook will make his solo debut

Jeon Somi


1. Wow… I’m really looking forward to Jungkook’s solo

2. No, what’s going on? Personally, I’m curious about Shownu x Hyungwon’s unit and Jungkook’s solo

3. It’s like a battle between NewJeans and Jungkook

4. NewJeans will make a comeback in July. I feel like NewJeans will overwhelm other groups

5. I’m looking forward to NewJeans, Jungkook, and Jeon Somi

6. I’m really curious about Jungkook

7. Jungkook, let’s eat K-pop

8. Jungkook!?!??!?!??!?!?!?! Daebak

9. I’m looking forward to NewJeans

10. I’m looking forward to Jeon Somin’s song

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