The names, ages, and nationalities of BABYMONSTER members

Ruka 2002 (22 years old) Japan
Pharita 2005 (19 years old) Thailand
Asa 2006 (18 years old) Japan
Ahyeon 2007 (17 years old) Korea
Haram 2007 (17 years old) Korea
Rora (real name Lee Dain) 2008 (16 years old) Korea
Chiquita 2009 (15 years old) Thailand

1. There are a lot of foreigners

2. It’s just a foreign group

3. Is this a foreign group?

4. They said that only 5 people will debut, but all 7 people will debut

5. I hate groups with too many foreigners

6. Ahyeon-ah congratulations!!!!!

7. Wow.. Born in 2009..

8. Wow there is a member born in 2009

9. 2009????????????

10. They’re a Korean idol group but there are more foreigners…

11. Only 3 Koreans…

12. There is an age gap between Ruka and the other members

13. There are more foreigners..??

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they’re all ugly


So don’t look if they are ugly .they are so talented and beautiful but if that doesn’t matter to you or you just like someone else go for them .


Ugly = YOU

Like Crazy

And have no talent, just like blackpink. But well at least it means bp will disband in august so i’m happy about babymonster debut.

Like Crazy

Bundlepink disbandment soon


yg selecting and grooming his second wife

keep him away from these underage girls for reaallll

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 leg spreaders

Made all that noise for the rumored actor’s son aged 15 when yg out here debuting a 13 year old kid but everybody’s acting like it’s fine and normal 🥴


what is a 22 year old doing in a group with a 14 year old? isn’t she embarrassed 💀

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