The person who leaked the pictures of V and Jennie responds to Big Hit’s legal statement

The person who leaked the pictures of V and Jennie responds to Big Hit’s legal statement

On September 29, Big Hit Music announced that they will be suing the person who spread malicious rumors about BTS

The fan assumed it was the user gurumiharibo, but he said he didn’t receive any legal notice

I personally think this person works for YG, since there’s no V’s private pictures with BTS but instead Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé especially Jennie all the time

But he’s crazy, isn’t he a criminal?

Who do you think he is?

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I thought it would be a YG staff but seeing a thread on Twitter where they got other idols’ private pictures too , I think they are either someone that works in the industry , not just tied to YG , and have a lot of connections inside or they got some sasaeng friends


We can stop this? Like the lawsuits don’t get sent immediately I know that because it happened to my mom … she won tho 😂

But yeah the one that leaks it’s from YG and I think G is someone outside Korea like a “intermediary”


BigHit statement made it clearly they’re against Gurumi. Doesn’t matter how much her and her minions (Taennie shippers) want to convince themselves.
“A specific person”: Gurumi
“In and outside Korea”: Gurumi is a foreigner
“False information and ill intentioned rumors”: Taehyung is the only member with a constant rumor, caused by the specific person (Gurumi) where false information was spread (even fake captions that Jennie supposedly wrote but there’s no proof)
Seems like Taehyung knew BH statement was coming because he started to give hints too. Shippers said he started to play golf because it’s Jennie’s favorite sport but 4 days ago he said in weverse “I don’t play golf these days”. Then he said on radio “I went to Jeju with my friends”. Gurumi said Taennie “trip” to Jeju was on may but Taehyung went to Jeju with his friends on may 8-10. Jennie came back to Korea on may 13-14 and dyed her hair. BTS festa shooting was on may 20th and then BTS flew to New York on may 28th. Taehyung’s hair and Jennie’s hair don’t coincide in the photos of Jeju with the hairstyles they had at the time. Taehyung even stopped using the bracelet that Taennie shippers said was “a couple item” lol
It can’t be more obvious. Of course Gurumi won’t say “Yes I received a lawsuit” because that would make her narrative fall. But lawsuits don’t get sent immediately and if Jin is mocking you on weverse then there’s something big coming for you. Even the other user who leaked photos of other idols including Jimin deleted their account. They’re scared.

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Everyone was waiting for bighit’s statement, now taennie shippers can leave tae behind, finally tae is saved. don’t expect the person who posted them to say they have received any lawsuit anyway. It’s crazy that you believe this person’s response. Get away from tae and bts💆🏻‍♀️


Hype protect their artist not your jennieslut 😂


Can she/he leak jennie’s sex tape?? Thats gonna be awesome


I dont get it. Taehyung ideal types must be prostitue face

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