The reason why netizens say that they’re starting to feel NCT 127’s popularity

NCT 127 first week sales 950K >> 1.06M >> 1.2M surpassed

1. Congratulations, I’m proud of NCT 127

2. Congratulations!!! I love this song and stage

3. Czennies worked really hard

4. I want them to be recognized as much as their skills, I’m proud of their skills

5. I got goosebumps…. NCT 127 is amazing

6. But why are you worried about NCT? Of course I thought they would sell over 1 million copies…??

7. Nowadays, Czennies are growing so much around me, I’m starting to feel their popularity

8. I’m so happy

9. Wow congrats.. They’re NCT, how can they not achieve 1 million copies? People are just trying to hate them

10. As expected the songs are good

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