The small and medium girl group who hasn’t made it to the top 1000 on Melon yet but their overseas rankings are good


#91 on the global Spotify chart

#103 on Spotify US chart

They also entered the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100

Maybe it’s because it’s a song that really went viral overseas, but in Korea, it’s strange that it hasn’t even entered the top 1000 on Melon yet

But I really like the song, so I hope everyone listens to it at least once


English version

The debut song ‘Higher’

Lovin’ me, the b-side song that received good responses

The songs are so sweet and the members’ voices are good too

1. Their voices sound so good

2. Honestly, I feel like their songs themselves are fine, but their vocals are so good that the quality of the songs increases dramatically, and even the rap parts are good to listen to

3. Let’s hit the daebak in Korea too… Let’s keep releasing songs sincerely

4. I just found it yesterday, but the song is crazy

5. Hul, their song is so good. I don’t have any songs to listen to lately, but it’s good that I found it

6. Hul I really like the song

7. Please listen to this, they sing really well

8. I also listen to it everyday these days, it suits the weather, their vocals are really amazing

9. I really like all their songs, their vocals are crazy

10. I hope the company will promote them. Their songs are really good. I’m looking forward to what kind of songs they will bring in the next album

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spicy spice



your life is


same with some kpop songs that were made to nightcore/sped up… darari, shout out x blank space

darari sped up version was even my top song in spotify wrapped lol


I’m rooting for them, literally love every of their releases since their debut last year and their debut ep ? yep yep they are so good to me . Wish them all the luck and success !


I actually surprise to hear their music. Because they already have own sound. Idk how to describe it. Its like mature, sweet, calm. They have very good music. Wont be surprise to see kakao or hybe acquire their company. This group has potential.


have you heard lisa’s songs?? that’s the definition of sucks ass


lol doing better than Twice. Charting in bubbling under without pure sales. Twice need 150k sales to get them charted on bubbling under 🤭


Stop pretending.

We all know that only toxic, overweight female incels who stan boy groups actually go to war against girl groups.

ACTUAL fans of girl groups love them all as long as the girls are doing well.


I heard it on a kpop pyalist on Spotify but I still have no clue how they have over 5M monthly listeners.
Is it bc they are on many playlists?


hate to break it for you but they have the backing of a western label and music producers. they know how the west music industry works so they’re just playing their games now. their songs got on a lot of playlists and even those tiktok promos are pushed by the us label.

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