The small and medium girl group who hasn’t made it to the top 1000 on Melon yet but their overseas rankings are good


#91 on the global Spotify chart

#103 on Spotify US chart

They also entered the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100

Maybe it’s because it’s a song that really went viral overseas, but in Korea, it’s strange that it hasn’t even entered the top 1000 on Melon yet

But I really like the song, so I hope everyone listens to it at least once


English version

The debut song ‘Higher’

Lovin’ me, the b-side song that received good responses

The songs are so sweet and the members’ voices are good too

1. Their voices sound so good

2. Honestly, I feel like their songs themselves are fine, but their vocals are so good that the quality of the songs increases dramatically, and even the rap parts are good to listen to

3. Let’s hit the daebak in Korea too… Let’s keep releasing songs sincerely

4. I just found it yesterday, but the song is crazy

5. Hul, their song is so good. I don’t have any songs to listen to lately, but it’s good that I found it

6. Hul I really like the song

7. Please listen to this, they sing really well

8. I also listen to it everyday these days, it suits the weather, their vocals are really amazing

9. I really like all their songs, their vocals are crazy

10. I hope the company will promote them. Their songs are really good. I’m looking forward to what kind of songs they will bring in the next album

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