The song’s original author’s Instagram is said to sound similar to FIFTY FIFTY’s song

“FIFTY FIFTY released a great song. Let’s listen together 🙂 But it looks familiar from somewhere… 😅”

1. The intro and the female vocalist’s part sound the same..

2. Among the 4th generation female idols, I cheered for them, but what is this?

3. What? The original singer mentioned them… I have nothing more to say…

4. LE SSERAFIM, and this time it’s FIFTY FIFTY, they’re the shame of K-pop

5. Wow… I was so shocked…

6. I guess they will have to pay royalties

7. This part sounds so similar

8. I’m enjoying the song right now… I think it would be better if the company solved it quickly

9. Hul, I think it’s the whistling version of Cupid

10. The author of the original song mentioned them, so just wait for the agency’s statement

11. Even if it’s K-pop, foreigners listen more than Koreans, so be careful

12. Even if the original musician comes out, to be honest, the plagiarism problem is over

13. The agency should release their statement soon

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