The truth about BLACKPINK that many people are shocked

Did you know that Rosé is taller than Lisa??

I think about BLACKPINK’s height in the following order: Jennie = Rosé < Jisoo < Lisa

But Rosé is the tallest. I thought Lisa was 170, but she is 166.. I thought Rosé was 163-4, but she is 168-169

The other members always wear heels and Rosé wears low heels so I don’t know at all

When all the members wear shoes

I was shocked when I saw that Lisa was shorter than Rosé

[+14, -8]

1. [+15, -1] In this picture, Rosé didn’t wear heels, but she’s the tallest. Rosé always wears low shoes because of the height difference between the members, that’s why you don’t see her tall, but when you look at her picture alone, you can see that she is tall and has long legs

2. [+13, -1] Rosé is so kind, she always wears low shoes, but she doesn’t care about it even though she looks shorter

3. [+9, -0] The truth is that Rosé is the tallest in the groupㅋㅋ Because of her height harmony, she only wears the lowest shoes among the members

4. [+8, -3] It’s because Lisa has good proportionsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+8, -1] Lisa has good proportions.. I also thought she was over 170 when I saw her for the first time

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Jj dw

I think the real shocking truth is that jisoo is actually taller than jennie and jennie is actually the shortest .. cuz everytime i see them wether in heels or in flat shoes jisoo is always taller

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