The voting results of the 2022 MMA

TOP 10

Album Award

Song Award

Boy Group Award

Girl Group Award

Netizen’s Popularity Award

Rookie Award

[+9, -0]

1. [+21, -0] BTS’s firepower is too strong, the #1 fandom in Korea

2. [+5, -0] BTS is amazing

3. [+5, -0] (G)I-DLE, IVE, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, these groups all have great fandoms, looks like the 4th generation has replaced the 3rd generation

4. [+3, -0] BTS is an idol group with 10 years of experience, but their fandom is still strong

5. [+2, -0] It’s been 10 years but our fandom is still amazing

6. [+2, -1] Lim Young Woong is amazingㅋ

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You have to give it to the LYW’s ahjumma fans. Man they are relentless


looks like the 4th generation has replaced the 3rd generation

How tho? BTS is still the biggest Korean group and Blackpink is still the biggest gg? 4th gen is doing amazing but to say they have replaced the 3rd gen is inaccurate.


I think the actually talking about the gg side, bcs no groups of 4th gen is touching BTS


they will all these discussions BTS should not be considered cause no one in no generation in kpop can touch them.they’re out of kpop borders.


They are talking about Korean fans in SK only. 4th gen girl groups are dominating. Even without the generation shift, Blackpink doesn’t have a huge fandom in SK, they mostly rely on GP to chart.


theyre talking in korea though, fandom power wise bp is no match with new jeans ive and gidle this year


lmao it’s clear that newjeans got army support in best rookie and female best group, they’re so low in top 10

ive and idle have bigger fandom, looking at top 10 it’s clear that it reflecting one pick because all nominees are there, idle should win that female group while ive should be on rookie, im sure both idle and ive also higher in digital point


newjeans’ kr fandom is actually quite strong compared to their international ones . I don’t think k-armys in general goes that hard into voting for them since this mma voting is only open to Korean fans or people that residing in SK.

I do agree if you’re talking about armys outside SK supporting newjeans but they also support lsfm but oh well

I think IVE’s fans already know they will get the rookie award even the prediction stats said IVE would win even if they lose the voting criteris hence they didn’t focus much on voting in that category and focused on top10.


lmao fandom voting prioritize their fav in every categories, explain to me how they’re so low in top 10? they only strong in category that doesnt have bts lol

i understand mma also available for kr fans but the number doesnt match

stop being delulu, army definitely vote for them


You’re gonna get downvoted by their fans for saying the truth but I 100% agree with you. You can only vote for 1 group in the top 10 so that poll is very reflective of how big your Korean fandom actually is. BTS being #1 is evident of that. New Jeans are super popular with GP but they have a much smaller core fanbase as seen with how they have lower votes than Taeyeon, Gidle and IVE. It’s pretty obvious they have a lot of multi stans in their fanbase hence the high votes during polls that allow you to vote more than 1 group.


Armys don’t care about no one but BTS. If NJ is doing well it’s because either they do have a good fandom or multi fans.


ive will win both

WhatsThe Point

Off topic no way will I believe BTS lost fan votes categories in VMAs and emas


Because they didn’t. Checks were being cashed and bts didn’t pay


Oh I know that for sure 😌


BTS paved their way with talent and effort, no one gave them anything. And everyone knows that no one is better than Army when it comes to voting, except sweet money.


did i go blind or BTS isn’t in the album category?


I don’t think proof counts because it’s an anthology


Proof has low digital. Melon start new count with old songs. YTC didn’t click with GP, and after Festa looks like k-ARMY abandoned ytc (or even I-ARMY).It is already good enough YTC can maintain inside top 100 melon


proof is the best selling album of 2022 in korea & all the bgs have low digital compared to made no point.
seems like it was not eligible cause had just 3 new songs.

Last edited 6 months ago by roza

Proof only have 3 new songs, if we can count Born Singer as new so they’re not eligible for that category


nct stans got too brave just bc proof wasnt nominated but they forgot that if theres anyone that can beat bts is lyw and if someone that can beat lyw is bts


He is our only real rival in Korea.


wishing newjeans win aloty instead tho. they have 3 hits in that album


Bts never lose a fan voting category. We are always powerful and fair. It’s quite clear bangtan and army is dominating Korea and Global🔥


Bangtan writing history again 🔥


Can’t believe that born pink is on there though şikayet

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