There was an article about the controversy over invasion of privacy regarding BTS RM at Hwaeomsa temple

“I’ll go to a different temple” RM sighs, controversy over invasion of privacy at Hwaeomsa Temple

On January 4, it was reported that RM visited the Hwaeomsa temple in Gurye, Jeollanam-do and stayed at the temple for 2 days and 1 night

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BTS RM updates Instagram

1. Question “Are you sad that you are not exempt from military service?” is so rude

2. I thought it was a deal because there was even an article…

3. No, this really crosses the line

4. This is too much; I can’t even go to the temple comfortably

5 Isn’t it the duty and conscience of the monks to keep such conversations secret?

6. It must be the temple Namjoon went to to find inner peace, but I’m really sad

7. Why are monks so obsessed with the world?

8. It’s no big deal for the monk to ask about enlistment in a private setting, but it’s really the worst thing to do to reveal it to the media

9. I’m not even a fan, but I feel bad

10. Why can you leak private conversations? There is no guarantee of secrecy, who will go to that temple in the future?

11. Hul I went there often… but I won’t go next time…

12. I thought it was an interview, but it’s not

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Clout is a powerful drug.


Indeed….i just cant wrap my head around why a monk would talk about their private conversation and I’m sure joon did not even imagine such a thing would be leaked. How disappointing.


Let that monk get ready K-Army is not going to let this go and I support it, go sisters.


What did they get in return for exposing his visit? That’s what I wanna know.

Lazy Banana



i hope that monk regretted his action

WhatsThe Point

Honestly, the monk revealing the private convo to the world doesn’t even phase me cuz Desi monks and pandits can’t keep their mouth shut abt anything 💀 u tell them one thing and the next morning the whole herd of temple gores get to know it


It is very wrong to ask the question of enlistment in such a soothing environment. I really can’t imagine Rm’s feelings. Very sad and humiliating. And I’m pissed at kmedia they are pulling out bullshits. Namjoon still responded with maturity and calm. I love Namjoon’s benevolent attitude towards everyone. This is just a dumb question to a wrong person. This question should be asked to the stupid government 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


Don’t forget to listen jimin and taeyang’s upcoming song “VIBE” ✨


i dont know if anyone is as mindblown as me just thinking about the fallout if namjoon said anything remotely negative about enlisting…the kmedia articles would go crazy my god…im happy namjoon is a very wise person and that he answered very diplomatically because this could have gone so far south i cant even wrap my head around it.


I thought he was an atheist


I don’t follow Buddhism that closely (I believe this is a Buddhist temple, but correct me if I’m wrong), so don’t take my words as 100%. But Buddhism is less abt believing in a higher power and more abt living a certain way of life in order to achieve enlightenment to free yourself from worldly suffering.


God’s going to strike that monk, everyone knows RM is his fav


This is supposed to be a place for ppl to find spiritual guidance and peace, so it’s esp upsetting considering that Namjoon had relied on the ppl there to keep his confidence. Ppl claiming to be devout practitioners of faith should never be given any credence once they show how secular they actually are.

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