TXT got 1st place on Inkigayo today, Yeonjun cried

1st place on Inkigayo today


Yeonjun (Inkigayo MC) cried

1. Congratulations, the song is addictive

2. The song is good, but at first I thought it wasn’t my style, but now I’m addicted to it

3. Congratulations to TXT!!!!

4. But Yeonjun looks handsome even when crying

5. Wow NewJeans’ digital score is amazing

6. I think TXT will do better.. Now I feel like they’re on the rise.. Congratulations on getting 1st place

7. I love this song

8. The quality of this album is so good, I really like Farewell, Neverland, so I listen to it every day

9. I always listen to TXT’s songs

10. It’s not easy for male idols to get #1, but the fans worked hard

11. TXT seems to have a lot of fans

12. I think this is my first time seeing Yeonjun cry

13. Congratulations to TXT ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Yeonjun, don’t cry

14. This time, TXT’s fandom has grown so much, I can really feel it

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gj txt but song is fucking stupid. hype boy better


Says someone who supports seungri 💀


I always listen to all the songs on every album,mini albums actually. They are amazing


Someone in the comments of that post is going crazy💀💀posting a collage of his face with the caption being a bunch of swears saying she can’t believe how much she likes a person like him and she’s just swearing everywhere LMAO


Me about Jungkook and Sana.. I feel her

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