What Korean netizens say about Crush’s racism controversy

Crush clarifies controversy about discrimination against black fans

Even though he explained it, foreign fans didn’t believe it…

They even mock the fans who support Crush

1. Damn, he shouldn’t have done all the fan service or anything

2. If you were going to make him look like a racist for not touching your hand, why did you go to his concert?

3. No, I don’t work with celebrities, but Crush is a celebrity with a good personality in this industry, it’s a shame he got involved in something like this

4. Don’t apologize

5. Black people always say that white people are racist, but why would they do this to Asians?

6. What’s his reason for ignoring black people?

7. I was the one who went to the concert yesterday, so I was wondering why he was apologizing, I’m not sure;

8. Racism is common in their country. Why did they apply that to Crush?

9. I want to say stop hating Asians (Korea)

10. I watched the video and I don’t know what the problem is

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