What Korean netizens say about Crush’s racism controversy

Crush clarifies controversy about discrimination against black fans

Even though he explained it, foreign fans didn’t believe it…

They even mock the fans who support Crush

1. Damn, he shouldn’t have done all the fan service or anything

2. If you were going to make him look like a racist for not touching your hand, why did you go to his concert?

3. No, I don’t work with celebrities, but Crush is a celebrity with a good personality in this industry, it’s a shame he got involved in something like this

4. Don’t apologize

5. Black people always say that white people are racist, but why would they do this to Asians?

6. What’s his reason for ignoring black people?

7. I was the one who went to the concert yesterday, so I was wondering why he was apologizing, I’m not sure;

8. Racism is common in their country. Why did they apply that to Crush?

9. I want to say stop hating Asians (Korea)

10. I watched the video and I don’t know what the problem is

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Busybody pooh

Koreans only recognize racism towards their own. Otherwise they act like fvcking idiots who cannot conceive that they too are extremely anti black and brown


I’m taking this all with a grain of salt.

Sure, it’s possible that it was an action borne out of racism but this was a 5 second clip of a singer not high-fiving a section of the crowd when he was likely unable to see their faces due to the stage lights and rain. A quick look into the matter even shows the accuser going off on Twitter about how they were “ignored” by loco and Heize. Unless all three are racist, which is a leap. In her opinion it might have felt like he snubbed her but I wouldn’t jump to an extreme label like racist from this alone

namtiddies@10th june

There’s a clip clearly showing he didn’t just say no to one section but few other sections where people r flocking towards as well. Y people r so eager to sum it up to racism


so true… everyone’s just overreacting


R there only two black people in the concert or he did he ignored all the other black people as well?


I am telling you his career won’t be ruined in Korea cause he is like pretty famous over there. And don’t forget Koreans are actually pretty racist towards other culture so they will never ever take their own country person responsible for anything. Cause from their eyes their person is innocent and we international fans just are his antis. It’s like people from international communities were not praising him and made his song top worldwide itunes chart.
What we can now do is totally boycott him. I am saying this to people who really sont wanna see him. Boycott his articles, appearances, and everything else music included. Don’t give him big clout from international platforms. Just so people like him can understand the severity of this situation and know they can’t really go outside of Korea with their artistry skills if they don’t behave properly and don’t be racist towards other cultures.
You in most of the times don’t have to belong to a certain culture to be upset about the artist if they showed racist tendencies. I am not black but a Desi. And believe I know how disheartening it really feels. That video was really….. I never knew I would actually see racism act in front of me like that.
Also his post getting liked. Let me just say it. And i dont care if I get huge tons of minus votes on my comment for this. No one is dvmb enough to like a post of another person which clearly shows a letter thingy. They would see through comments or if possible talk to the person about it or in most cases know about this situation before hand only. The. Kmedia was reporting about this situation. And celebrities do read news and it’s not possible for any of them to not know about what crush has post about. I am not talking about one celebrity but the whole bunch who liked his post. Tbh very honest I was really disappointed. This whole situation is disappointing and disheartening. And before I am a k-pop stan, I am a human. You people also need to remember it you are a human first. And if you think this whole situation was not right. Please stand with those two persons.
Also remember don’t spam him comment sections or do anything like don’t give him any attention. Just act like he don’t exist. Bullying anyone in this situation is not right. Remember this too.


chinese people: *use different name for kimchi*


*actual racism happens*



I’m gonna say this once, watch the rest of the video. He skipped other fans too. Koreans will remember this and may be less likely to do fan service at international concerts and less likely to interact with international fans due to the fear of being attacked like this. If it bothers you so much just don’t consume Korean culture.


And it’s funny how you’ll call him out like this but not the black singer who ripped off his song.

But I wasn’t done…

You can’t be this dumb. And on the internet where everyone can see???

But I wasn’t done…

Doubt it. Koreans want that international money then they have to dance to the music. He’s a racist let him live in his truth


i am really not trying to be rude or anything I’m genuinely confused i watched the video multiple times but still didn’t find anything and its obviously an honest mistake

But I wasn’t done…

Koreans being hypocrites as usual. Good thing their culture and media will never make with worldwide because they are some hatful small minded people that hide behind koreaboos to excuse their shitty ways.

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