What Korean Netizens Say About NewJeans ‘Cool With You’ Official MV

NewJeans ‘Cool With You’ Official MV

side A

side B – ‘Cool With You’ & ‘Get Up’

1. The song is so good, Jung Hoyeon is also so charming

2. It’s like watching a movie, it’s so interesting

3. The song is so good and the music video is like a short movie… Really good

4. I like the song, I have to put it in my playlist, the MV is good too

5. Wow I got goosebumps when I saw Tony Leung

6. I want to listen to this album as soon as possible

7. The song and the music video are really good, and they do the art…

8. I’m really looking forward to this album, the song is really good

9. NewJeans has really good song quality

10. Wow, this is crazy, I got goosebumps;;;;

11. I got goosebumps when Tony Leung appeared in the MV. The song is so good

12. This song is the best so far

13. The song is good and the music video is really crazy… wow

14. Jung Hoyeon’s acting is so good

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