What netizens say about Big Hit running TXT’s music video ads

TXT’s music video ads!!!!!!

[+134, -7]

1. [+57, -1] Crazy Big Hit, really? Really? Really? Really? Are they really running ads?

2. [+40, -1] Wow, Big Hit is crazy ㅠㅜ This is the first time in a long time that Big Hit has received compliments

3. [+37, -1] Big Hit finally made it ㅠㅠ

4. [+35, -1] Finally Big Hit gave up their crazy stubbornness

5. [+9, -0] They should have done it sooner. Why do they insist on not doing what everyone else is doing? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was so disappointed, but I think I will feel relieved now

6. [+7, -0] Fine, let’s do what everyone else does

7. [+2, -0] Finally!!!!!

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the team behind txt is good at doing their jobs , I wish the team behind BTS will be the same too


that’s the point.they’re pushing anyone in that company to reach this


Hybe spends money on all groups except BTS 🙃


This wouldn’t have been a good thing for bts back in the day bc people tried everything to discredit them. They would’ve said the views weren’t genuine and bh/bts would’ve been dragged in the media. It’s not the same now tho but OG Army know how detrimental using ads


This is true, but it was smt that also never made sense to me either. Other grps or artists from big companies have been singled out for their use of mediaplay/ads/payola (not just in kpop) without it becoming a big thing, but ppl get cannot leave BTS alone with only SUSPECTING them of doing the same.

And if anyone doesn’t remember the articles that called out specific artists for using TrueView ads to pay for views on YT, it’s okay, bc it seems most ppl don’t either.

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Your mom's chest hair

Everyone was doing it and BH was stubborn to not do it. I can understand if it’s BTS cause they have a wide reach (I hate it but I sorta understand) but for their rookies, they should be doing this. 4th gen get attention by doing this.


Payola, their melon rank is fishy too


dumb kpop stan learn words like ‘payola’, ‘playlist’, ‘nepotism’, ‘CA’, ‘plagiarism’ etc and ran with it is never not funny


It’s called sajaegi, that graphics manipulation, ordered to manipulate by the company. in pann nate there is an article about txt and its sajaegi.

Sophie Kate

Are literally the only boy group with good charting positions in korea after bts and seventeen 😭 its not sajaegi you fool its fandom + gp interest


fandom my ass, why they still need youtube ads in the first place lmao


txt has strongest fandom among 4th gen bg in korea. yt ads aside, if you see their achievement on the other country like US, Europe, Japan, China or SEA you’ll know they rlly have a big fandom.


this is wrong. the strongest fandom IN sokor is tbz or nct. Outside, it is Skz or Atz. Txt has a huge bangtan leftover transfer fan following, but they don’t reach outside that grp much.


i said 4th gen, nct is not 4th gen, and tbz has a strong fandom too, but for charting, txt did the highest peak on melon daily chart. and did u already see the spotify us chart result? txt has the highest debut streams, and they have longevity in billboard, even charting along with bts as the only kpop groups on bb 200 year end chart. y’all tryin too much to make txt look flops lmao cut it off


Even with ads since their debut the other BGs get nowhere near TXTs current results, cut this pathetic reaching out


Nah you can see moas have a list of songs to stream incl their old songs. Payola will only push the new title track since pushing all songs are too expensive. Must be stupid for bighit to push their 2 year old songs like love song and loser lover. But both are charting since moas are streaming

The real example of payola is lazypink. Only 2 tt chartings but the rest of their bsides are not even top500 on melon

Berry Island

they are doing what everyone except them was doing.

It's whatever

I see this happening to anyone on hybe but BTS members


Yup. It’s funny how Hybe’s money comes mostly from BTS but BTS members looks like they get the lowest budget on promotions 🤪


It’s bc bts wouldve got dragged if they did do this back then they were discrediting bts for everything saying they were using bigbang hashtag to get views on their videos. They would’ve said bts views weren’t genuine so I’m glad they never did but good for txt


Maybe because BTS members don’t want it?


So…is it good or bad?


Good because that means your company pushes and trying their best to promote you , downside of it is people probably going to call it inorganic growth but who cares anyway , that’s what your label is supposed to do, to push and promote you especially now that the competition in 4th gen is very fierce .


Yes to this. But I get so tired of ppl using BTS for mediaplay and not even paying them their due respects for it.

And to @Ann, I also think it’s par the course and should be expected for a big company to utilize its resources properly for its rookie grps’ success. That’s part of what big company privilege is. But there’s still a distinctive difference between the successes of grps that don’t have that privilege and grps that do.

And this isn’t saying that grps who had privilege don’t work hard or aren’t talented/skilled or didn’t earn or deserve their success (or even that they couldn’t eventually achieve the same feats without it), but only that such privilege did play an important role in getting them that success as quickly and assuredly as it did.


saying this is good but then army getting mad when ador pushing nj with playlist when that is how marketing job work. “that’s what your label is supposed to do”


Because newjeans’ fans also denied these playlistings, it’s okay to agree or admit that ador is really working hard pushing Newjeans on Spotify for these playlistings, ignore those people that gonna say payola or inorganic, but Newjeans’ fans keep denying it and even goes around saying Ador not doing any promo for Newjeans , I mean when Ditto was newly released and their fans went around saying ‘ song with no promo did that ‘ while they have a collab with Nucake for that release , went to Yoo Quiz’s show a week or days before Ditto is released , they didn’t go there for fun but as part of their promotion. Tons of people in SK tune into Yoo Quiz every week because of Yoo Jaesuk and it’s a good show too.

Also this is also because of what Min Heejin said the other day. She said Newjeans’s success is not because of Hybe but it’s because of her only . If that’s the case , why don’t she start her own label by herself rather than be under Hybe ? Couldn’t say she was inexperienced , she was in SM for decades , even be apart of their board of directors. If an ex-idol like Kang Daniel can set up his own company , why couldn’t she did the same thing ? Her whole interview that day implied that Hybe helped nothing on Newjeans’ success while she probably be able to work hard on those marketing plans like Newjeans’ playlist on Spotify by using Hybe’s money. These girls only one day into their debut and they already be able to go to a Chanel event. That’s her using the Hybe’s buff and connection for those girls to be able to attend.

Sophie Kate

The playlisting is only 600. For other groups it’s 10M+++. There is not that much promotion.


new entry in the list of “kpop groups with inorganic views”

circles' bathtub chart.

their stans are bragging abt ads & rigging…


Hybe spends money on every group but bts and their members… its fucking annoying.


All kpop groups do ads on mvs except bts. I guess it never really appealed to the members to do it. They didnt need it since they were very successful on youtube without ads but its funny seeing kpop stans throw a fit now when their favs do ads for everything


It’s not like BTS won’t use ads in 2017 until 2019 lol


‘Except bts’ pfttt


Can yall armys kys now ? Like we were all so proud how bts are organic now you want them to do payola like bp? And yall are mad at hybe as if it’s not bts who have pride in being organic but yall cant be mad at bts or else yall get called a hater. Yall have no respect for bts and what they do


JYP have more ADS on youtube. I only want to watch Gordon but ITZY TWICE ads keep appearing.


Yass at last! It’s tiring and really demotivating when youtube keep on deleting views bc bighit didn’t buy ads.

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