What netizens say about Kim Garam getting a fansite master

Kim Garam got a fansite master

The quote retweets were going crazy

[+26, -238]

1. [+249, -1] Her gaze ㄷ

2. [+186, -22] No, not to mention her controversy, I don’t find her pretty so what’s pretty about her?

3. [+130, -1] Always with that finger..

4. [+110, -0] Even she got a fansite master… That’s why the companies ignored all the controversy and debuted those kids. I’m not the only one who thinks her gaze is scary

5. [+98, -0] Wow, her gaze is that of a typical bully, f*cking scary

6. [+85, -6] Don’t be an idol, be a p*rn star;;

7. [+45, -0] Wow… I hate seeing her

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