What netizens say about Oh My Girl’s Jiho leaving WM Entertainment

Oh My Girl Jiho parts ways with WM… Become a free agent

Jiho and WM Entertainment have decided to part ways with each other while the rest of Oh My Girl members renewed their contract with the company

1. Oh My Girl is at their peak, I wish they could work together even if she changed her agency

2. It’s a pity, but I think it’s good that she tries out different fields, and tries to do as many things as she wants to change her image

3. What? I’m surprised because the group is doing so well

4. Hmm, what about Oh My Girl’s activities…?

5. I’m curious about the group’s activities, but they don’t say anything about it ㅠㅠ

6. I support Jiho and all the other 6 members, seriously!! Everyone will be fine

7. I like Jiho’s voice, but if she wants to continue doing music activities, it would be good if another agency gave her a solo album

8. Jiho-ah, wherever you are, be successful and do well~

9. We support Jiho’s choice and look forward to the activities of the other members who have renewed their contracts

10. Jiho?? I’m surprised.. Will she go to another company? What does she want to do?

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