What netizens say about Red Velvet Irene making a return to the CF industry 3 years later

Irene is making a return in the CF industry 3 years later

It’s an Indonesian cosmetic brand CF

[+276, -429]

1. [+569, -457] Honestly, Irene got so much hate… If she was a male idol, she would have gotten hate for 3 months and everything would be over, for real

2. [+441, -154] Kim Heechul is still doing well while Irene still can’t promote properly, this is ridiculousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+293, -100] Seriously, she’s f***cking pretty

4. [+258, -100] I admit that she’s the one top in terms of visuals

5. [+191, -29] To be honest, she’s f*cking pretty

6. [+127, -6] This is a group CF. You’re acting like it’s Irene’s solo CF

7. [+66, -18] Indonesia doesn’t seem to know about her controversy

8. [+28, -11] Irene fans are disgusting… They try to shield her as much as possibleㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+28, -9] After Red Velvet’s contract ends, she can go to Indonesia and live there

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Beauty privilege. Imagine if it was ugly idol, she will not being able to promote in korea anymore. Oh and she’s kpop stans’ feminist queen..thats why many of those are defending her and make a lie that the staff is man lol. Same applies to heechul, if he was ugly, the backlash will be bigger

Shu yan

Same apply to hyunjin

Lady pink

I never found hyunjin attractive though. And Koreans keep dragging him on a daily basis because of his bullying and face. Skz is popular internationally, due to their genre not in korea

Last edited 7 months ago by Lady pink

Beauty privilege

spicy spice

SEA fans didn’t care abt scandal esp big 3’s idols’ scandal. i still remember indonesian fans gathers and took a picture of them holding “seungri, we love you’ banners. SEA was the biggest core of SM and YG stans afterall. what you can expect from them?


I have Indonesian vip friend and she hates seungri sm after the scandal, she gave away her albums and lightstick on twitter. The stupid fans are the loudest


Yeah that’s embarrassing for me as Indonesian to be in the same country as those people


Sheesh what happened to Yeri’s face


She’s seriously ugly and old looking, knowing she’s also a Karen is so laughable

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