What netizens say about SHINee ONEW ‘O (Circle)’ MV

SHINee ONEW ‘O (Circle)’ MV

Pre-performance at the concert


Lyrics are all in Korean (Written by Kim Eana)

1. Wow, but this music video is really art. Who is the director?

2. I like all the songs in the album

3. The concept is good

4. I really like Onew’s voice because it’s always warm when he talks or sings

5. I can’t express the feeling of the song, but I shed tears

6. I don’t really know what the music video is about, but it’s artistically and beautifully shot

7. I’m curious about the meaning of the cat in the music video

8. Wow, the b-side songs are so good!!!

9. I really like the song

10. The stage video below the music video is really good

11. The song and music video are so unique, his voice is so good

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