What netizens say about Sungchan and Shotaro leaving NCT and debuting in a new boy group

Announcement of Sungchan and Shotaro’s activities (Leaving NCT and debuting in a new boy group)

1. It’s a pity that Sungchan and Shotaro are no longer members of our group, but I think it’s good for Sungchan and Shotaro and congratulations to them

2. I will support you, Sungchan, Shotaro!!!!!

3. I think it’s better for them!!! I hope that they succeed with the new group

4. It’s really Lee Soo Man’s stubbornness to put everything in NCT

5. NCT members are all talented and handsome, but that system is the problem

6. Are they going to stop NCT’s infinite expansion now?

7. This is better, Sungchan fighting

8. I’m not a fan, but I think it’s better

9. A fixed group is better than NCT

10. I think this is better for Sungchan and Shotaro… I hope the two of them do well in the future

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Lee sooman was both very clever and very greedy. His intelligence brought innovation to the industry . But he was also a greedy man and ruined everything


It’s better for them cz they already have fanbase in Korea, and SM is well-known for not promoting properly group/unit in another country


so they’re leaving NCT and joining NCT?


Joining a new group that’s separate from the NCT brand!


ooh! thx


this gotta be demoralizing. how many years did they waste in the nct dungeon only to be relocated to a new fucking dungeon after they finally debuted💀


Apart from them saying they wanna break SM’s head very bad. I don’t think I have heard anything else🙂


This is good for them career wise…but they already have a fanbase that consists almost entirely of NCTzens…I wonder how they feel about this news.


Wow NCT system starting broke and many already leave sinking ship

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