Who was the most popular idol in your first year of middle school?

In 2007, at our school it was TVXQ!! There were also some Super Junior fans

1. EXO ‘Growl’

2. Infinite


4. EXO

5. BTS

6. BEAST, Infinite

7. EXO in 2013

8. Since it was 2017, in my first year of middle school, BTS

9. Wanna One

10. BEAST was so popular in middle school

11. BEAST, Infinite

12. SHINee, Big Bang

13. BEAST, Big Bang

14. EXO, BTS

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TVXQ’s Mirotic era! It’s the song that actually got me into K-pop. That shot of Changmin coming out of the water changed the trajectory of my life forever lmao

OT5 TVXQ was a group like no other. Visuals, vocals, dance, charisma – they really had everything. It was like they were born to perform and entertain. Their chemistry was just so good. It’s a shame how things ended up for them. But they’ll always be a part of my teenage memories 🙂

Thankfully Changmin was my bias and he’s literally the only unproblematic one in the group. I like how he set clear boundaries between his personal and professional life. No scandals or dirty business, respectfully announced marriage and childbirth when the time came, and keeps his family away from the public eye. I admire him!

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It's whatever

Omg totally! I’m from latinamerica and it’s insane to think that even in my country lots of us knew TVXQ, mirotic, rising sun, purple line, etc
Half my friends were into Yoochun, i loved (and love) jaejoong to the core, being Changmin a close second

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It's whatever

It was 2009 so we heard TVXQ a lot


at that time kpop was so foreign, so not many people knows and I don’t have comparisson

it was 2007, me and kpop friends only know TVXQ and Super Junior

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