Why is JYP the only company that doesn’t have ambassadors for luxury brands?

Why is JYP the only company that doesn’t have this?

Among the big companies + famous small and medium companies, why only JYP doesn’t have global ambassadors for luxury brands? Are there any ambassadors or muses? TWICE too, even though they’ve been pushed for individual activities, they still haven’t…

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1. [+119, -27] ? NMIXX is Loewe’s global ambassador

2. [+98, -9] When it comes to luxury brands, they look at domestic and international popularity, face, physique, influence, skills, etc., right?

3. [+93, -3] It’s okay to be a model for a domestic brand

4. [+88, -6] Even idols who are not in big companies still become ambassadors for luxury brands, proving that the company isn’t the important issue. Even in HYBE, there’s a difference

5. [+87, -83] TWICE doesn’t have a luxurious aura

6. [+86, -7] Do you guys really think that luxury brands only choose ambassadors based on popularity?

7. [+25, -7] I don’t feel that JYP is luxurious. From Wonder Girls to TWICE, they all have a bit of a vintage vibe

8. [+25, -4] I guess they’re not the style that luxury brands like

9. [+15, -3] Pann really doesn’t like JYP

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Could be from Miss A trauma


You wish LMFAO 🤣


kpop is doomed…

Ladyboy lisa

Blackpink really ruined kpop. Now people take brand ambassador as measure of success 😭😭


And Sana just got announced as YSL Beauty Japan muse. Nayeon became Givenchy beauty ba. Mina is a ga for sk-ii. Momo is a ba for Onitsuka tiger. Twice themselves are ga for pearly gates a luxury golf clothing brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a ga of any brand. If you can’t make a product sell them you are no better than a left over. Smart celebrities who actually make millions of dollars don’t stick to any particular brand. They are everywhere. And that’s what I am seeing with twice. The girls are smart to not get tied up with particular brands. Ppl are foolish to even think they don’t get love calls. Staffs have already revealed that twice members still get many love calls from the brand. But if you know something about really making loads of cash in modelling industry then the first thing is suggested to never tie yourself up with any brand. Twice members are smart to do this. No matter how foolish one may think. But they will make loads of cash for doing what they are doing rn. One day they might tie themselves up to some brand who knows.

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