YG idols didn’t attend the awards ceremony because YG was too obsessed with their image?

Isn’t YG too obsessed with their image?

If you don’t give them the awards, they won’t attend the awards ceremony

Psy must have revealed that in the past

1. Suddenly?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What the hell are you talking about??ㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What’s wrong with not attending the awards ceremony?

2. Hey, YG idols haven’t attended the awards ceremony in years

3. But YG idols always deserve awards

4. Even if you give them awards these days, I don’t think they’ll attendㅋㅋ

5. I’m not a fan of YG, but YG doesn’t seem to care about awards, and SM is too obsessed with awards

6. Why are you obsessed with YG..? SM idols’ scores aren’t that high, but they always attend award ceremonies and steal other people’s awardsㅋㅋ

7. They deserved the awards, but they didn’t get them because they didn’t attend

8. It was like that before, but lately they rarely attend the awards ceremony

9. Just because they didn’t attend the awards ceremony doesn’t mean they’re obsessed with their image

10. There’s a big difference between not attending and stealing someone else’s award

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there’s no point attending award ceremonies and i kind of wish my faves would skip those. they’re just boring and you can count less than a handful good performances. plus, it feels like a charity ceremony given the excessive number of categories.
the lack of diversity of genres on the lineups and nominees makes it meh too


Exactly I was waiting for twice to finally stop attending these awards ceremonies. And they finally started from last year and are not attending any award shows this year too. Which is kind of making me feel relieved. Cause from 2018 only I wanted twice to skip all those award shows. I seriously want jyp to not send his idols to award shows anymore like YG. Seriously jyp idols are only one of the bunch of idols who keeps the award ceremonies alive during the show with their performances. But awards shows in general seems quite evil to me and I just don’t want any of them to be the part of it.


honestly, i’m glad. because when it comes to shows like mama especially the ones they insist on having on kyocera, twice brings in many in the crowd. they can sell out the same exact venue and earn a coin while not stressing over award shows that are losing credibility in a room full of media and industry experts trying to replace you with the next pretty thing.

Yoo yaho

to comment no. 5,6 I just feel you’re so desperate…


I think they never really care about awards in general


if yg didnt care about awards this year’s vmas GOTY wouldnt happened lmaooo they just didnt wanna go to award shows where they know they couldnt get the main awards


How is bp winning Best Metaverse Performance as main award. Where is the award speech then 😭🤣 yall really be saying anything atp

But I wasn’t done…

In the age of BTS they didn’t deserve the awards and that’s why they didn’t show. Imagine BP or BB getting daesangs between 2017-2021


Actually that’s the only time I remember Blackpink attending 2017-2020. They didn’t get the main awards but they did attend but skipped mama twice and the fact that they were touring then did not help. And I will dare and say that they deserved a main award or maybe Jennie because of how big hits dddd and solo were. But understandably, they didn’t as you had IU, BTS and W1 competing for those awards.

But I wasn’t done

Jennie nor BP had the biggest or best selling album or songs to get daesangs during those times. Deserving is not earning.


I think its great for idols who have a radio hit or more public image recognition. I think winner and Ikon would’ve benefitted amazingly by performing at year end awards. Their biggest charm is in their stage presence I think, and ofc their songs are catchy.

Akmu and BP don’t “need” award shows, but same situation they would be amazing and fun to watch. In the end its a shame from a fan’s perspective too bc it sucks not to see them interact with the rest of the industry and be apart of memorable events.

I don’t really care for YGs ego, its old.. They think they’re untouchable as an agency but other agencies look a lot more fun to pay attention to. If I am honest HYBE has so much going on along with JYP and SM I stopped caring/waiting for YG updates. Im satisfied with what we have now.


Listen to them stans said yg dont care for awards but look at them company sending them girls attending western awards music bcs they know they’re gonna win some. Look at them sending their artists when bb & 2ne1 won the awards. 🤷‍♂️

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define treasure then, they are attending


They’re flop, wasn’t what yg really expected so they had to promote them at least by sending them to award shows..did treasure didn’t really got any awards so far? Damn, flopper than I thought 😑


it was because of their PV comeback. If there was no comeback, they wouldn’t attend.

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