A foreign group was criticized for giving interviews in Korean

The foreign group surprised me that they speak Korean better than I thought


A video of their interview with Esquire Korea was released, but all the members only answered in Korean during the interview

1. It’s not K-popㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Why do they speak Korean???? It’s a Japanese group, so why????

3. Why did the Japanese group give interviews in Korean?

4. I hate them pretending to be a K-pop group

5. Why did Esquire Korea interview such a group?

6. What are you proud of when they speak Korean but they are not Korean or a Korean group?

7. Why do they speak Korean…? It’s not a K-pop group

8. I hate it so much… Japanese people pretend to be K-pop while speaking Korean

9. I hate seeing Japanese groups pretending to be K-pop, speaking in Korean and appearing on Korean music shows

10. Who are these people?

11. Multinational girl group Black Swan speaks Korean much better than them

12. What is their identity?

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