Girl group XG was criticized for appearing on Music Bank

Girl group XG at Music Bank

They will be performing their new song..

1. Are they the Japanese kids who debuted in Korea?

2. ? Who are they?

3. No, what are these people doing? Their looks and skills are bad

4. If you hate Korea, why are you in Korea?

5. Are they popular in Japan?

6. These people are aiming to take over the K-pop fandom pie overseas, so it doesn’t matter if they’re popular in Korea… In Korea, they’re nugu?

7. They look like kids who on the trip experience K-pop. I hate it

8. Why are they pretending to be K-pop when they hate Korea?

9. What is Music Bank doing?

10. Do they speak Korean?

11. Just like normal Japanese people experience K-pop

12. Just by looking at their clothing style, they are Japanese

13. Who is this NUGU group??

14. I didn’t know who they were, but I thought it was YG’s rookie girl group

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