Korean netizens criticize girl group XG’s variety show on Mnet

Girl group XG, the first solo variety show on Mnet

‘XG’s Three Meals A Day’ will be released for the first time on Mnet’s YouTube channel M2 on May 3

1. Isn’t this a Japanese group? What are they doing?

2. I really hate Mnet

3. Is Mnet crazy?

4. They are Japanese idolsㅋㅋ Why are they pretending to be K-pop?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Are they doing it in Japanese? I would support them if they just promote as a J-pop group… If a Japanese group pretends to be a K-pop group, who would applaud it?

6. But if you look at the comments of Japanese kids, Korean singers also appear on Japanese broadcasts, so what’s the problem?

7. Is CJ a traitor? They really like Japan

8. Who are they? Looking at the reactions, it looks like it’s a Japanese group

9 .But can they speak Korean?? In Japanese?

10. Mnet is just trying to make money

11. What the hell is Mnet doing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. Why do they keep pretending to be a Korean group?

13. Mnet does everything for money

14. It’s not K-pop and they don’t have many fans in Korea, but the variety show? What are they doing?

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no shade but why are they promoting in korea and desperately trying to gain kpop fans if they’re a fully japanese group and their ceo said during an interview that he basically hates korea 💀💀

i wish i was kidding but you can look it up lol


How is that different to kpop idols who is promoting in Japan?


Eh, it IS different. K-pop idols normally promote in Japan on two occasions:

1) They’ve released music in Japanese, so it makes sense to promote it in Japan

2) They don’t have any music in Japanese, but they’re extremely popular in Japan and there’s demand for them there

I don’t think either of the above applies to XG promoting in Korea. K-pop fans are simply their target audience, which is understandable, given how big K-pop is currently. It also helps that their work is largely K-pop coded. Well played, if you ask me.

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It will gain new audience from kpop community. Kpop in general is a big thing now.


for those who aren’t familiar with their ceo:

“Just because we are working with Korean producers don’t mean the group is working with a Korean label.

Everyone is Japanese. It isn’t like K-Pop. It’s more like American.

I am emphatically saying everyone is Japanese.

We worked with Korean producers, but we just used Korean producers. All rights belong to Avex (a Japanese record company).”

he seems bitter and jealous of kpop’s global success but makes his own group promote like any other nugu kpop group.

he wants them to appeal to westerners and japanese fans but they don’t give a fuck about them. the only people who care for them are kpop stans lol


How is any of that bad?


They are just jealous because XG is better than most current GGs.


Honestly, XG are releasing pretty good songs.
They definitely have a future, if only in Japan.


You say that like it’s bad lmao Koreans wish they had Japan’s music market


kpop groups promote in japan all the damn time, but once it’s vice versa knetz start losing their sh


the thing with xg is they’re not like any other kpop groups that promoting in Japan tho. kpop groups firstly debuted in South Korea and will make their Japanese debut by one year after their debut and even that they will make a jp ver of their prev songs or a whole new japan track or albums and they will go to jp shows to promote.

xg straightly debuted and make their promotions globally by starting at South Korea. And even that the songs are not even in Korean but English. Niziu is a Japanese girl group that promoting in Japan with Japanese-language songs. They didn’t even promote at Japan at all and just straight to South Korea. It’s just like any other foreigner idols esp from China that use kpop scene for them to gain fans and then ditch the whole group when they gain enough support. They’re using kpop to gain fans because they know they will not be able to reach popularity globally if they’re stuck in Japan. And it worked lol , they’re noticed by 88rising. Just a matter of time they will become popular later on and they will start to acknowlege how they are ‘Japanese girl group’ and kpop is not helping their popularity at all lol


I don’t think them promoting in Korea is an issue…but it is odd that they claim to speak ‘only in Korean’ when they’re off camera. It’s also interesting how as soon as they drop their music, they come to Korea to promote, despite being based in Japan and never having sung in Korean.

It seems like they want to be part of the K-pop niche without identifying themselves as a K-pop act (probably because K-pop has a way bigger global audience than J-pop?)…I remember before their debut there was some buzz among Kpoppies about them being YG’s new Japanese GG and they did absolutely nothing to address it lmao. Its clear that their target audience are K-pop consumers, and their strategy is working!


this group is ass


Tbh a Japanese group promoting in Korea isn’t weird. What’s weird is that their label/ceo from the get go talked like they’re “better” than kpop and was busy putting down Korea and here they are

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