Armys plan to bring Billboard Charts to Suprem Court following Jimin’s freefall on charts

The music industry has always been a battleground for artists and fans alike, with chart rankings and album sales often seen as markers of success. However, the recent turn of events involving Jimin, a member of the globally popular K-pop group BTS, and his song “Like crazy” on the Billboard charts has left fans outraged and planning legal action.

Jimin’s solo song “Like crazy” initially debuted at the top spot on the Billboard HOT 100 chart, a prestigious accomplishment for any artist. Fans, known as the BTS Army, celebrated the achievement and expressed their pride and support for Jimin’s solo work. However, their joy was short-lived as the song plummeted to the 45th position in the following week, marking the steepest fall in the history of the music industry.

Adding to the controversy, Jimin’s album “Face,” which had debuted at #2 on the Billboard World Albums chart, also experienced a sharp drop, falling to the 16th position. This sudden and drastic decline in chart rankings has left fans bewildered and questioning the integrity of the Billboard charts.

In response to these events, the BTS Army has taken to social media with the hashtag #BillboardIsOverParty, expressing their disappointment and frustration. Many fans have accused Billboard of manipulating the charts and called for a fair and transparent system that accurately reflects the popularity of artists’ music.

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Stop misusing categories! This isn’t Knetizen at all 😩


ig ha


cahat hgey b bv fr bhjxgfb mkjhe lkjijknmk g uj


The most stupid fandom


Is pjm solo fanbase ikr. What a way to ruin bts good image


Armys are really stupid but the main culprits of this is hybe and jimin himself, none of this would have happened if they hadn’t used so much payola in the first week, this song never should have been #1


how is that payola ? jimin’s promotion rollouts exactly like what bts as a group did especially for dynamite, butter and ptd ?


I’m just gonna assume I’m right since you guys keep downvoting me , you guys are just blinded by hatred idk put aside your biasness and hatred and think logically actually. This is not only happens at the US but my country also operates like this. Unless you got some big connections , under big labels, being some osts to some drama/movies, no way your songs are going to be played on radio .


But he will always be the 1 and only K-pop soloist to be #1 and he will always be celebrated for that, no matter how jealous y’all are 😁


I totally don’t understand why Jimin thought that was a good idea. Now everyone’s making fun of BTS’ billboard #1s and it’s all because of him

demy blonk. Because u would do this too a few months from now. But, I forgot you are save because your Payola


What to expect, they even gate keep the purple heart emoji 💀




can someone explain what the rule change was for with Jimins case? i’ve seen billboard changes but none that should’ve affected his ranking this badly…

Be careful with what you see on internet

You can only buy a song once a week by an account from the US. They won’t count any sales from outside their country. And if you buy many vers of that song, they only count it 1.
Billboard has deleted more than 100,000 sales of that song because they found out that his fans had been cheating.
Billboard did nothing wrong here. All they want is to show people which songs are real popular, and say NO to bad songs which are supported by big fandoms (who trying to control the chart by money.)

Be careful with what you see on internet

Gangnam style got into BB TOP 10 without any helps from American labels. Americans loved it, people started to play it on radio. If you want to be in top 10, you need a very good song + a bit lucky if you’re a small artist. If you’re a normal artist, a very good song is enough.

Billboard chart is for Americans who live in The USA, it’s not a chart for Kpop fans. They won’t let any fandom control it by money. Your fandom just showed them a big hole in their chart and all they did is to fix that hole to make the chart better.

Americans don’t listen to that song, accept it. Only a group of Kpop fans listen to it, they ask other fans from other countries to donate, then use many accounts to buy many vers of that song because they want to buy fake fame for the idol. It’s not fair for other artists who release better songs but don’t have a big fandom. Your fandom stole No.1 from other artists last week, you guys have no right to attack Billboard.


The change was made in 2022, you can only buy the song once, it affected jimin so much because he never should have been #1 in the first place, this song just hit #1 because of the 29 versions of the same song, so now those people who bought it in the first week can’t buy anymore, in the end that was fair enough, they tried to manipulate the charts by releasing multiple versions of the same song and they got screwed


He still the first and only K-pop soloist to go #1 so how did get screwed lmao


Everyone that answered you is wrong. Those changes that they mentioned already existed when Jimin got #1 last week. The recently change is that now, if you use your email to buy, it will only count to one copy per email.


Army never fails to amaze me, thanks for the free circus show

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Is it really that serious?


ARMYs are a joke, this is a result of all the shenanigans their fav has done, 29 versions for purchases, english version being combined with korean version on spotify, copy of english version and korean version, plus instrumental version, and 3 remixes all this in the first week, obviously this would happen, the hot 100 was created to rank the most listened to songs weekly in the us not the most mass bought songs


24 versions for US and 29 for UK.


It’s all over twitter. Just search 29 versions and you’ll find the breakdown to get that figure.


armys and pjms are the worst fr


No, they changed the rule at the beginning of 2022, even stay alive was affected by this, the world doesn’t revolve around your fav




what a bunch of fucking losers😭

Like Crazy

Why are you talking about blonks


Talking about you!!


Why do armys act like this never happens before? A lot of BTS songs charted well in the first week and out of the chart in the second week. Where was the energy for those songs?


Both the company and the fandom only care about jimin i wonder why


Exactly. This really matches what that tarot guy said about treating Jimin like their baby. I know it’s weird using that as a reference but it’s true.




This is Fun. We will watch 🍿😀

Last edited 7 months ago by BlinkPink

What’s funnier is Jisoo not even being #1 on bubbling under lmao her fans hate her 😭


Worry about suga solo not making any noise even with iu


No they didn’t, they changed the rules even before jimin (early 2022).


You guys use BB to shit and drag other idols’ fans and when your idol starts to fall on BB chart, BB sudenly became racist/xenophobic.

Last edited 7 months ago by Aing



yall so embarrassing




Chart-obsessed Jimin would back it up. He must be so proud of Armys for suing Billboard.😂


I’m so mad at him for being so greedy smh. I’ve never view BTS that way but the way jimin cheated really makes me disappointed and what’s worse is he makes the whole group look the same as him

Kpop Boomer

This is hilarious, I love seeing fans get unhinged like this, lol


Posting this bs, but nothing on how Billboard made Jimin sales disappear. We know who you are.


Tanked as it should


Illegal tracking of private information? you mean the clauses you agree to in term and conditions when you download almost any music app? dumb fans just like their artist


Imagine if supreme court spoke in favour of truth and billboard won this shitty case??ARMYs will call supreme court racist and all that shitt. It will be fun 💀💀


seriously? you are using these dumb tweets as a proof? 😂


Armys are so jobless and dvmb LMAO


They are also overweight incels.


Fuck lmaooo armies sure are crazy


The Supreme Court and Americans, in general, have more important matters to care about than pop idols falling off charts. & the thing is, Armys have literal guides on mass purchasing albums/songs with different accounts and fundraisers to create those accounts. There’s nothing organic about that and the freefall was predicted because BB was going to filter out the spam purchases (its a reason for Melon making the changes it did back when foreigners/fandoms were also easily manipulating the charts). And this wasn’t changed for Jimin, it was changed way before that as a response to the way streams are being manipulated. The evidence how Kpop fans having these tutorials are all over the internet and twitter, ofc BB was going to take notice of this. Personally, I feel it’s sketchy that Like Crazy is doing even worse in radio play but hitting #1 ( & I mean this in the sense that I think he SHOULD have more radio play) . Either way, American Armys are privileged little brats if they think THIS is more important than what is happening in the country rn.

Dot com

Please, do it, i wanna have a good laugh

On a serious note, I’m surprised armys just realizing of billboard changed if rules against bulk sales, there’s a reason they couldn’t mantsin songs for a 2nd week, being the exception left and right for obvious reasons.

It IS fair because chart should reflect popular songs in USA, and believe me NONE is listening to Micky mouse of kpop

That again, wbk armys can’t handle the true being throw to their faces


Literally everything I predicted came true.

Army are a cult. BTS is still not mainstream.


But Bighit and Jimin CHEATED and causing an embarrassment to the whole BTS billboard achievements. Every BTS’ billboard achievements never looked ridiculous before Jimin got no.1 but now Jimin’s greediness wiped all of BTS achievements

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