BTS concert in Busan criticized because HYBE will have to spend 7 billion won for it

BTS concert cost 7 billion won… Busan City and Tender Committee said “We don’t pay”

BTS’ concert in Busan on the 15th of next month will cost about 7 billion won. An official said, “Since this is BTS concert, a lot of money will be spent on stage equipment.”

HYBE will cover the cost of this event by receiving advertisements from companies

If the company’s funding is not viable, HYBE can cover the remaining amount

1. BTS is holding a free concert, but Busan wants them to spend money? What is Busan doing?

2. Busan city must mobilize funding. First, I think HYBE will pay the necessary expenses and then the city will handle the expenses, but is it all covered by HYBE?

3. I feel sorry for BTS

4. If you don’t have money to spend on that, what expo in Busan are you talking about??

5. As a citizen of Busan, I don’t know why the concert was held, and I wish it was cancelled

6. What’s wrong with Busan?… They are not responsible, they’re just asking for too much

7. Honestly, this can only be construed as an agreement on exemption from military service

8. That’s why I want it cancelled. Look at what’s happening in Busan

9. Busan is crazy.. I’m not an ARMY but I feel so sorry for BTS

10. I wish they could cancel it.. I don’t want to see BTS being treated like this

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They wanted this concert and they don’t even have money for it? How Busan wants to win & organize Expo if they don’t even have money for this…

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