BTS J-Hope is currently being criticized by black people

J-Hope is currently being criticized by black people

He’s being criticized by black people for liking Crush’s post

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Some comments from Korean netizens

“Racism is what they are doingㅋㅋ They always bully Asians~~”

“But aren’t they racist towards Asians the most?”

“There are many cases where they chase Asians and beat them to death, and they pretend to be victims every day;”

“BTS donated a lot of money to BLM.. I’m really disappointed that they treat him like that”

“Black people always bully Asians..”

“J-Hope and Crush both donate to BLM, but black people are saying that they’re racist… This is crazy”

“I know racism is serious, but what kind of racism did Crush or J-Hope do?”

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J hope and crush both RACIST FUCK IN HELL


Reverse racist, may your soul rot in hell too & nvr had a 2nd life. Even if u do, youll be the most disgusting things alive

Logic Thinker

It’s a like and crush in the Korean text he didn’t wrote anything about the actual problem… but he just rolled about “safety” stop this sht

namtiddies@10th june


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I would’ve thought maybe Crush didn’t skip the girls on purpose IF he wouldn’t have deleted his BLM post from IG but…. 😬😬😬

namtiddies@10th june

Nah he deleted Blm post in 2021 along with other posts including his own pet. Not everything is about racism.


Why are the 2 black women so entitled?? Like they’re the most miserable person alive on earth just bcs someone didnt touch their horny hands? Geez…

WhatsThe Point

Isn’t it proven that it was a misunderstanding? She posted the same kind of things abt other artists too.


armys rn


Donating to BLM wasn’t helping black people btw that money was practically embezzled by one selfish woman. The whole thing was a fraud sadly.

I never trust people in general who harp about their own acts of kindness, donating to a cause that completely took over social media last year isn’t really a sign of anything bc a lot of people were being pressured to make statements or donatoins.

I remember reading a lot of ARMYs tweets wanting their idols to do or say something about BLM… mostly to look better than other groups that hadn’t (i know not all of you, but i saw a lot of people acting this way).

Anyways there is another video of Crush avoiding other parts of the crowd, before he encountered the black fans, his reaction to them though seemed a lot more exaggerated.. The whole look is bad, he really shouldve not just interacted w the crowd anyway bc him being selective and half hearted about it is overall a bad look.

Internet introvert

This is, in fact, a racist talking point. Maybe do some actual research instead. It was not embezzled. My god, racist gonna believe other racists.

But I wasn’t done…

Knetz are so self centered and racist it’s mind blowing.

Grace Walker

J Hope, liked Crush, apology post regarding the issue.


Look at armys twisting narrative.

Crush not touching black fans hands: this motherfuckr is racist as f.

Jhope like the supposedly racist’s post: it was just a like, oppar is so innocent he problt didnt know the issue

Lmfao you guys are cunt


Nah, some black people are just entitled, thinks they’re the most unfortunate & miserable people ever walking on earth. Jhope is innocent & you’re a cunt too. Let’s be cunt together with u be the leader


I bet that jhope doesn’t know any fucking staff about actual situation dont be happy he is still against racism 💁


I hate black people inferiority complex. They think everything is abt them


I’ve seen lots of videos on Instagram about Black people harassing Asians in the USA, they don’t even spare the elderly Asians. It’s true, black people are racists to Asians.

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