BTS Jimin donations, a PR stunt to clear previous health insurance evasions?


BTS lead vocalist and dancer park jimin seems to be in yet another controversy after his health insurance row.

Reports are emerging online that the singer has reportedly donated as a PR stunt to erase his previous health insurance premium evasion stories.

Several people also pointed that since the singer is gearing up for his much awaited solo debut in this march, so a possible image clearing is on the way by the agency, Hybe.

It should be noted that the donation was revealed a day after Korea CXO Research Institute released its report on estimated stock assets of individual shareholders of content-related companies — which includes production companies and distributors of music, movies, webtoons and more — with estimated stock assets worth over 10 billion won.

On April 24, Korean news outlet Biz Hankook reported that the National Health Insurance Service had seized Jimin’s apartment on January 25 as the singer had not paid his health insurance premiums. Jimin first bought the apartment for 5.9 billion won (approximately $4.7 million) back in May of last year.



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This is such a stupid article from a miserable individual.




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Bring back discuss

You’re a loser



you guys are just terrible human being , even making donations made by a person that you stan and love into a dick measuring contest oh fuck you guys A BIG FUCK YOU


just noticed the previous post about Tae is also made by someone that I assume is an armyblink or bts and bp akgaes since the posts that they posted here are mostly about blackpink and bts and this user is also seems like an armyblink that leaning to akgae , FUCK THESE ARMYBLINKS


Iconrosse is such a loser for writing this.

meow meow

no attention at home so they need to seek it on PANNKPOP 😭

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Go worry about your fav going to hotel room for spotify beniefits. mf


And they still flopped


First Jimin solo stans and now Tae’s solo stans writing these dumb posts. Do you guys feel good about yourself? Being this jobless and obsessed. Truly stupid creatures, you guys are.


Did you think a lot about this fake news you wrote to defame Jimin?! I still don’t understand how you can be so stupid. What does insurance have to do with donations? You make it up and believe it yourself. Pls kiddos go to kindergarten asap. Lol you are contradicting yourself. How do you believe people with a fortune of more than 100 billion will evade taxes? Worry about your flop idols. Even just bt21 makes more money than most groups. WORRY ABOUT YOUR ASS IDOLS.


Sorry Jimin but people will always be jealous of your good heart for the rest of your life 💜


God these solos are annoying af


So we are just allowing anybody to write an article. Thanks, ill just not come back here again.


Haters gon’ hate
Players gon’ play
Live a life man


“If you’re jealous, go to the hospital. Two weeks to heal.”
-Cypher Pt. 1


I don’t even like Jimin but please move on. Him forgetting to pay his health insurance doesn’t harm anyone irl. Also, this is why celebs should donate in private. You can donate through proxy aka your family instead of using your name.


the one who made it public is the charity organization, not them. eg. no one knows BTS made donation and even visit the sewol victim tragedy on 2014, until the charity revealed it on 2017.


The eff? How is this even am article. Jimin has never publicized his donations.


Posters ICONROSSE and LOVEKPOP, notes that you are akgae shit stirring. Will keep an eye out.


He needs to use that money on his face. Man is very unattractive in the face


Jealousy jealousy 💦


Ain’t nobody jealous of that thing. Be serious 😭

Hi, I'm Guest

Bet the nobody in question is one or two of nctflop guys who did ps do jealous.. That’s explains the ps ig. Or whoever ur pathetic fave (that is not BTS), must’ve done ps bcs they jealous of JM’s immense beauty 😌


Isn’t your group the first ever to welcome a bicycle seat as a kpop member? Be serious

King koo

He’s reminds me of my Chinise friend ugh lee


says the one who looks a like this 💩


Army’s need to stop pretending that he’s good-looking. Why his face like that? 🤢


So show us your ass face. We can pretend like we didn’t afraid of your face 🤮


He’s always been the ug1iest along with jhope


says the one who stans nct 😂


k. Anyway, did Rosé slept with a new white ceo at the hotel this week? The sex life of the bp girlies is hard to follow


Me talking about slvthyung and his w00ga and ceo dadd13s


Worry about slutpink sucking cock for streams


You worry about slvthyung being the industry’s fav h03


me when I talk about you 💜


This the dumbest shit ever said


Jimin had been donated for years fyi

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meow meow

it wasn’t evasion dumbass y’all can’t even look into anything 😭 y’all see the headlines and then stop reading maybe open some articles ❤️

Hi, I'm Guest

Except that he’s been donating way before the health insurance issue 😩


Me suena a que es Kakao tratando de desacreditar a los chicos como una forma de venganza. No es posible que alguien sea tan estupido para creer estos rumores.

Hi, I'm Guest

Stupidass kpop stans can’t differentiate a health insurance & tax. Clearly they don’t even know what evasion is..can’t believe I live in this era of stupidity 😩😣


this site is a freaking cesspool fr


U know PJM album is coming!!


Taekookers are at it again.🙄

It's whatever

I honestly forgot about jimin evading taxes. Thanks for reminding me, i guess (?


it was health insurance

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Writer kys by using cumpink rosé’s chin as a stabbing weapon


but when I write a whole article about miss Rose being caught RUNNING in a married man’s hotel room or about Seoul cycle’s diaries then I’m suddenly gonna be the bad guy and blinks are gonna cry about ‘misogyny’ 😕


As if Armys haven’t done it already. it’s not new. Just do it. Armys are misogynist and disgusting anyways.


Yeah, yeah cry me a river


Why I’m not surprised 😒


Pathetic promotional gimmick


Dirty slacker


I hate this kind of people who take advantage of people’s vulnerability to promote their personal business


despicable man


This man is a disgrace to men


ok clown


How can someone be so despicable


Does he think these tricks are fooling us?


you stan lucas lmao

Lazy Banana

Learn to use proper grammar first before writing shitty articles


That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. Losers.


jimin has been always a donation figure stfup!


As expected from pigmin

PJM Reports

Guys, we have a pjm report group where they get the IP address of anti’s slandering jm. Specially if it’s extreme that needs to take action of and can be sued legally. They are providing a set of legal team to take this issue on. They have already arrested 2 jm antis. Please reach out to pjm_report regarding this matter.

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