BTS Jin’s pictures from the training center graduation ceremony have just been revealed

1. His proportions are crazy

2. He’s wearing a mask, but he looks so good and his proportions are crazy

3. He looks strong and cool!

4. He looks good even with the mask on

5. He’s handsome even when I can only see his eyes

6. He’s seriously so handsome

7. Even with the mask on, his handsomeness looks stand out

8. As expected, a celebrity is a celebrity

9. Wow look at his shoulders

10. I saw a post saying that he looks like a walking sculpture, but it’s true

11. His proportions are crazy ㅠㅠ I can see his handsomeness even with the mask on

12. Seokjin-ah, I miss you, I’ll wait for you!

13. Daebak! It’s like a movie!

14. He’s so decent and reliable… His face is so small, but his T-zone is amazing!

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Jin really make more noise than kpop stan fav grp comeback lol. I think every week we have article abt jin even though he’s not active as idol


The media and public interest that many male idols would like while they are active, Jin has during his military service.


why are u guys can’t stop comparing bts with others, they are already doing great and everybody knows it. that effort you’re putting to prove something is not fine

WhatsThe Point

I’m glad he’s healthy but why share everything abt him even when he’s serving in the military??
I don’t want y’all to do this to hobi too


tbf this is the graduation ceremony which is public so all the trainees’ families can take photos, it will probably happen to the rest of the members later on


Lmao I swear seokjin is making just as much noise as when he was not enlisted 😂


Issa serve I fear


Still missing him. It feels like it’s been YEARS since December. Hope he’s staying healthy and happy.

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