BTS Jungkook, ‘16.3 million’ viewers on Weverse at dawn… “Greatest ever”

In the early morning of February 2, BTS Jungkook’s live Weverse attracted 16.3 million viewers

1. Wow daebak

2. But I’m not one of them?

3. He can build a city

4. I didn’t watch it because I was sleeping

5. Instead of going to bed, I spent 4 hours watching it

6. I was so happy to see you at dawn, Jungkook-ah!! I’m one of 16.3 million peopleㅋ

7. Jungkook is always hot no matter what he does

8. I can’t believe I wasn’t there, Jungkook-ah

9. I actually couldn’t watch it because I was sleeping, so I feel sorry

10. Jungkook has the best fan service

11. Oh my gosh, I’m not one of 16.3 million people ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. You guys had fun while I was sleeping…. ㅠㅠㅠ

13. Jungkook’s popularity is huge

14. I was not there, but it is 16.3 million people?

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Lucky me Jungkook is a nigh owl and for me it was daytime 😍
i love how lovable JK is, everytime I see him on live I love him more 🥺
On a serious note, idk how to stop this parasocial relationship, he’s like family to me, i want him to be happy no matter what 😭💕


get a job weirdo lol


say this yourself 😂


I only watched the instagram one with Tae because I don’t have weverse

White cat

I watched it for an hour and I’m so sleepy I sleep through his mini concert 😴 😅


I love his spontaneity, he wanted to do a live show because he missed Army and he did it, although I don’t ask the company. And JK was 4 hours! When he did the live on insta with Taehyung, I thought the app was going to crash. It was magical. 


I managed to watch the whole thing though I can’t post comments at all. He and Bam seem so close. Bam still acts like a puppy and when JK went into the bathroom, he got out of his “house” and armys in the comments were like “JK, pee faster. Bam is out of his house” 😂


michael jackson looking ass weirdo…

Hi, I'm Guest

My stupid Weverse & IG didn’t give notif at all, so I missed the live😩. How could I missed JK & Tae live on IG?? How could I??? They rarely doing live on IG, how could I missed it😣😣

It is what it is

Jk has such a grip in me, on his 4h of live I run errands, cooked, had lunch watching him sing.
It’s such a joy watching him do what he does best.
How not to be delulu? My gosh

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