BTS members’ first week solo album sales




Jimin, the first day

1. Jimin sells well

2. Wow, even when the members are promoting solo, they’re selling well

3. Why is J-Hope’s sales so much lower than other members????

-> It’s not like an album ㅠㅠ

4. Hul BTS is the best

5. Wow Jimin is so popular overseas

6. Wow daebak, the members are all amazing, right?

7. The members are all selling well

8. Wow… Each member’s album sales are equal to the album sales of a boy group

9. Wow, but it’s really good even if they go solo…

10. Jimin’s core fandom is really strong

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jhope dint have an album (physicals), others had multiple versions too. He dint even have digital stores. He still did well

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True. Jhope are doing great for a piece of paper..not photobook and late shipping. Jin and rm also have some shipping problem too


It was really a piece of piece or paper and it is a shame bighit did that to him for a company policy to get esg points but it is in the past, he still did very well.


Comp stan will never admin this lol. Aint now way hobi want his album to be a piece of paper. He’s literally made a promise album for jimin. And he’s so excited when the vinyl come out. He never posted abt that weverse album. Neither give that paper to his friend


For real, he sent jitb merch shirt instead of weverse album(that piece of paper) to his friends who attended jitb listening party. He obviously prefer cd but hybe messed up with his debut.

karina bleach

Hoseok didn’t have anything tbh: no physical album counting to charts (that weverse envelope counted only to k-charts), no promo schedule, no distribution, etc. He literally sold hald a million of papers with a shipping costs like gold & his case is honestly incomparable to others. Will never forgive hybe for how they sabotaged him and deliberately minimalized his numbers.


Jhope did well and jitb really good album


He did have a vinyl release though, so it’s odd that those first week sales weren’t accounted for


Vinyl is released after 4month of his debut lol


3. Why is J-Hope’s sales so much lower than other members????

-> It’s not like an album ㅠㅠ

No CD. I still mad to hybe for this. Poor jhope. Anyway, jimin just surpassed 1mil sales. And its not yet even 7pm in korea.

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Y’all idiots dont actually listen or watch hobi content bc he chose going this route. He specifically says he chose EVERY little things down to the appetizers hebwas goong tobserve at his listening party


Nope. He didnt said it. He only talking abt his music choice. Not a fucking weverse album and distribution. What’s the point of signing in comp if he’s the one who need to think abt distribution, etc


Then, why he never posted abt that weverse album? He didn’t even mention or show the process of that weverse album in his documentary. He’s artist in a comp not an indie artist. He have control in his music not in distribution,etc. Thats the comp’s job..not an artist’s job


I remember watching Behind story on weverse live n jhope really quickly move on to talk other things after he show that weverse album. He clearly didnt like it. Its rare for him because he usually talk alot.


Stop twisting his word. He only mentioned about his music n promo. But his actions regarding physical show that he actually want cd. First, he sent vinyl to pdogg n repost on ig. He also sent his jitb merch shirt to guests of his jitb listening party over his jitb weverse album. He never look that proud when holding that weverse album. I remember he quickly move on once he hold weverse album during his Behind story on weverse live. Jhope cant hide his face. You can see he not proud of it only piece of paper. We all know he not good in hiding what he truly feel. Its show on his face right away.


Ikr. The last time he talked abt that paper is on weverse live. He never talk and mention that thing anymore


Yeah, it’s not even a chart thing for me. I just want a physical album for JitB. But still, they all did amazing despite the setbacks.

And big congrats to Jimin for his record! Hanteo be shady but it’s not stopping his impact.


they didn’t event change their twitter layout to jitb


How is top20 in melon is flop lol. Your fav could not even chart on melon and spotify. Bts solo have more streams than your flop fav on spotify


Jhope selling 500k for a piece of paper is amazing. On the street is stable on melon. Still in top 20 on melon top100 and reach a new peak in daily chart


And the only promotion is jay park show and tiktok collab. Thats why people are threatened with him lately lol. Jimin already beat many kpoppies group album sales now


Jimin album just surpassed born pink album sales too lol. Antis gonna be more mad lol


I don’t think its ok to compare coz
1. Hobi didn’t have any physical album
2. Jin and joon got their albums dispatched weeks after their release thus only Korean charts were counted.
3. Jimin is the only one who is getting same day.

So yeah you can’t compare them all of them are totally different. But I seriously so happy they are shipping it on the same day not weeks after the release coz it wasn’t even counted for charts


and jimin has a fan meeting this affects the sales as well


the fancalls you mean but yeah


540k+ sales for non photobook album and no fansign, korean variety show, music show, etc. Hobi is amazing. On the street is also loved by korean gp and hiphop fans. A hiphop song did that. Recently, big sean also liked his post😆Kpoppies are threatened with him lately. Stream face, guys!


Trueeee. He will still relevant even he’s in 50s. Talent will never fade away


Thats a long paragraph lol. You’re obsessed with jimin lol


Incorrect again, piggy.

I am obsessed with telling loser BTS fans that they are, in fact, losers.

Now go lose some weight.

Hi, I'm Guest

Nah uh Larry boya, u ARE OBSESSED with BTS & ARMY, u just don’t know/realize it yet 🤭


Funny how kpop stan claiming their fav song is soty and a hit when their song barely chart on melon and some of them didnt chart on spotify global chart at all lol


Thats insane how obsessed of yoy with jimin lol


You like short, skinny guys who lack the ability to grow body hair.


Let’s talk about how they flop at charting next

Color color stan

Yes, let’s talk about how you don’t even have a diploma you real life flop


Are you blind lol. They outsold every kpop grp..especially jk

Hi, I'm Guest

Well, he already unflop the moment it was out soo… But u r free to wish for it for ur untalented flop group (whoever that is). But I don’t think they need 1 bcs I’m pretty sure they’re already a flop 😆

Last edited 8 months ago by Hi, I'm Guest

Good music gets you far yall 🙌🏼 These are A R T I S T S through and through


Out of top 600 stans talking on charts lmao, be fr and stop embarrassing yourself 🥱


yeah and there is you “a twice fan” dare to talk about it lol


I understand the uncertainty of Jisoo’s future charting gets to you, but pipe it down and keep out of my mentions; thank you very much 😘

Don’t even understand what exactly triggered you to answer to me? Felt targeted?

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Korean music industry is not even top five in the world. I’d rather do well in Japan and US than brag about a top ten in Korea. Y’all are brain dead


No one read that.

Midpink just got bodied by Jimin’s first day sales… I’m sure you read that tho


Who cares about sales?!?!? LOL.

What matters is that BTS fans are a bunch of pedophiles who pretend that they are not.


Larry the omega twinki is back whinning because of Sir Park Jimin 🥺

Hi, I'm Guest

Yg, midpink & their starving dogs (which u r part of them) care a lot. Why else would yg add their dozen tour date when there barely demand? 😜


Jimin need kflop
The girls are maddddd

WhatsThe Point

I’m sure if all of their albums shipped right on the release day they’d all be million sellers on the first day.
Now that jin and jimin are million sellers, let’s make hobi and joon million sellers as well


Congratss Jimin!!! Ended kpop
I m sad for Indigo tho:(( That’s such a good album😣


bighit did jhope dirty


yall only love maknaeline i’m sick

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